The Best and Worst Moments of the 57th CMA Awards

The 57th CMA Awards was a night filled with historic moments, inspiring acceptance speeches, and some unexpected disappointments. From Lainey Wilson's groundbreaking win to Chris Stapleton's record-breaking victory, there was no shortage of excitement. However, not all performances lived up to the hype. Join me as we explore the best and worst moments of the 57th CMA Awards and delve into what made this year's show unforgettable.

Inspiring Acceptance Speeches

Discover the fire and grace of the acceptance speeches at the 57th CMA Awards.

The acceptance speeches at the 57th CMA Awards were nothing short of inspiring. From Luke Combs' gracious acknowledgment of Tracy Chapman to Lainey Wilson's empowering message to aspiring women country singers, the winners took the stage with passion and authenticity.

One of the standout speeches came from Brothers Osborne, who showcased their down-to-earth nature and word nerd humor. Their genuine gratitude and relatable stories made their acceptance speech a memorable moment of the night.

Kelsea Ballerini's Snub

Explore the surprising omission of Kelsea Ballerini at the 57th CMA Awards.

The absence of Kelsea Ballerini at the 57th CMA Awards raised eyebrows and left fans disappointed. Despite her successful year and contributions to the genre, she was not nominated for Entertainer of the Year, and went home empty-handed.

This snub highlights the ongoing issue of female representation in country music and the industry's tendency to only recognize one woman at a time. While Lainey Wilson's win was well-deserved, it's important to acknowledge the incredible work of artists like Ballerini who bring their unique sound and stay true to the genre.

Dan + Shay's Powerful Performance

Witness the electrifying performance by Dan + Shay at the 57th CMA Awards.

Dan + Shay took their performance to a whole new level at the 57th CMA Awards. Their rendition of "Save Me the Trouble" was powerful and captivating, showcasing their exceptional vocal abilities.

Shay Mooney's intense stage presence and bold moves, including a knee slide reminiscent of a young Springsteen, added a theatrical element to their performance. With Dan Smyers leading the band, their chemistry and talent were on full display, solidifying their status as one of country music's top acts.

Jimmy Buffett's Memorable Tribute

Relive the Parrothead vibes of Jimmy Buffett's tribute at the 57th CMA Awards.

The tribute to Jimmy Buffett at the 57th CMA Awards was a nostalgic and feel-good moment. Kenny Chesney and Mac McAnally took the stage to duet "A Pirate Looks at Forty," setting the tone for a heartfelt tribute to the legendary singer.

Joined by Zac Brown and Alan Jackson, former compatriots of Buffett, the crowd was treated to a sing-along of "Margaritaville." The arena was filled with smiles and a sense of unity as everyone joined in the infectious chorus. It was a tribute that made Jimmy Buffett proud.

Post Malone's Disappointing Performance

Uncover the missed opportunity of Post Malone's performance at the 57th CMA Awards.

The collaboration between Post Malone, Morgan Wallen, and Hardy at the 57th CMA Awards had the potential for greatness. However, the performance fell short of expectations.

While Wallen and Hardy delivered a heartfelt rendition of Joe Diffie classics, Post Malone's appearance felt disconnected and rehearsed. The performance seemed more like an advertisement for Hardy's mixtape rather than a genuine collaboration. Hopefully, future country performances by Post Malone will live up to the hype.

Ashley McBryde's Heartfelt Ballad

Experience the emotional depth of Ashley McBryde's performance at the 57th CMA Awards.

Ashley McBryde's performance of "Light on in the Kitchen" at the 57th CMA Awards was a poignant and heartfelt moment. With minimal accompaniment, McBryde's soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics resonated with the audience.

Her powerful delivery and empowering message of self-acceptance and embracing one's true self made her performance stand out amidst the grandeur of the night. McBryde's performance was a reminder that sometimes, all you need is three chords and the truth.

Zach Bryan's Missed Opportunity

Reflect on the absence of Zach Bryan's performance at the 57th CMA Awards.

Zach Bryan, one of the genre's rising stars, was present at the 57th CMA Awards, but unfortunately, he did not get a chance to perform. Sporting a Bob Dylan T-shirt and white baseball cap, Bryan's cross-genre appeal could have brought a fresh perspective to the show.

With his sold-out stadium shows and Billboard Number Ones, Bryan's absence from the stage was a missed opportunity. A performance by Bryan, perhaps alongside Kacey Musgraves, would have added a new dimension to the event and captivated a wider audience.

The War and Treaty's Vocal Masterclass

Witness the mesmerizing vocal performance by The War and Treaty at the 57th CMA Awards.

The War and Treaty, comprised of Michael and Tanya Trotter, delivered a vocal masterclass at the 57th CMA Awards. Their performance of "That's How Love Is Made" showcased their controlled and crafted vocal prowess.

With an emotional and intimate performance, the duo captivated the audience as they sang directly into each other's eyes. The raw vulnerability and connection they displayed on stage left a lasting impression. The War and Treaty's performance was a true testament to the power of their voices and the depth of their talent.

Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan's Awkward Monologue

Explore the awkwardness of Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan's monologue at the 57th CMA Awards.

The opening monologue by Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan at the 57th CMA Awards fell flat, leaving the audience cringing. The cornpone jokes and awkward delivery made for an uncomfortable start to the show.

While Manning's football prowess and Bryan's musical talent are undeniable, their chemistry as hosts seemed forced. The lack of topical humor and genuine connection with the audience made their monologue one of the low points of the night.

A Lackluster Finale

Discover the underwhelming finale of the 57th CMA Awards.

The finale of the 57th CMA Awards left much to be desired. While Jelly Roll's opening performance of "Need a Favor" was spirited and energetic, the choice to close the show with a reverent rendition of the Judds' "Love Can Build a Bridge" felt lackluster.

Jelly Roll and K. Michelle delivered an exquisite performance, but the song choice and subdued nature of the finale failed to leave a lasting impact. After an already long show, the lack of energy and excitement in the finale left the audience wanting more.


The 57th CMA Awards was a night filled with memorable moments, from inspiring acceptance speeches to powerful performances. Lainey Wilson's historic win as the first female Entertainer of the Year since Taylor Swift in 2011 marked a significant milestone for women in country music. Chris Stapleton's record-breaking victory and the heartfelt tributes to Jimmy Buffett and Joe Diffie added to the magic of the evening.

However, there were also some disappointments, such as Kelsea Ballerini's snub and Post Malone's underwhelming performance. These moments remind us of the challenges faced by artists in the industry and the need for greater recognition and diversity.

Overall, the 57th CMA Awards showcased the talent, passion, and resilience of the country music community. It celebrated the successes and highlighted the areas that still need improvement. It was a night to remember and a testament to the enduring power of country music.


Why was Kelsea Ballerini not nominated for Entertainer of the Year?

The nomination process for Entertainer of the Year is determined by a voting body within the country music industry. While Kelsea Ballerini had a successful year and made significant contributions to the genre, the nomination did not come her way. The lack of female representation in this category has been an ongoing issue in the industry.

Who delivered the most powerful acceptance speech?

There were several powerful acceptance speeches at the 57th CMA Awards, but Lainey Wilson's speech upon winning Entertainer of the Year stood out. She acknowledged the dreams of aspiring women country singers and emphasized the importance of breaking barriers in the industry.

What was the highlight of the tribute to Jimmy Buffett?

The highlight of the tribute to Jimmy Buffett was when Zac Brown and Alan Jackson led the crowd in a sing-along of "Margaritaville." The energy and unity in the arena were palpable as everyone joined in the infectious chorus.

Why was Zach Bryan not given a chance to perform?

The decision to include or exclude artists from performing at the CMA Awards is made by the show's producers. While Zach Bryan, a rising star in the genre, was present at the event, he did not have the opportunity to showcase his talent on stage.

What made Dan + Shay's performance stand out?

Dan + Shay's performance at the 57th CMA Awards was electrifying. Shay Mooney's intense stage presence and bold moves, combined with their exceptional vocal abilities, captivated the audience. Their level of talent and chemistry as a duo set them apart.

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