PLINI Releases New Music Video for 'Still Life'

PLINI, the Australian guitarist, has just released a captivating new music video for his track 'Still Life.' This song is part of his highly anticipated EP, Mirage, set to be released in December. The video showcases PLINI's unique style and features a special guest appearance by Tosin Abasi from ANIMALS AS LEADERS. Get ready to be mesmerized by the intricate drumming, impressive bass playing, and haunting mixing in this song. Join us as we dive into the details of this exciting release!

Captivating Visuals and Intricate Drumming

Experience the mesmerizing music video and the complex drumming in 'Still Life'

PLINI's new music video for 'Still Life' is a visual feast that perfectly complements the intricate drumming in the song. The video, created by PLINI's regular collaborators Jamie McVicker and Declan Blackall, takes you on a mesmerizing journey with its abstract visuals. It's more than just a typical music video; it's an audio-visual experience that immerses you in PLINI's unique musical world.

Chris Allison's drumming in 'Still Life' is nothing short of extraordinary. His abstract and complex rhythms add depth and texture to the song, elevating it to another level. The way he seamlessly transitions between different patterns and time signatures is a testament to his skill as a drummer. Prepare to be amazed by the intricate drumming that drives the energy of 'Still Life'.

Collaboration with Tosin Abasi

Discover the special guest appearance by Tosin Abasi from ANIMALS AS LEADERS

One of the highlights of 'Still Life' is the guest appearance by Tosin Abasi, the renowned guitarist from ANIMALS AS LEADERS. PLINI and Tosin have been friends for years, and their musical connection shines through in this collaboration. Tosin's unique style and virtuosity add a new dimension to the song, creating a captivating blend of guitar work that is a treat for the ears.

As a fan of ANIMALS AS LEADERS, PLINI was inspired by Tosin's music and considers him one of his main influences. Having Tosin play on one of his songs is a dream come true for PLINI, and their chemistry is evident in the way their guitars intertwine and complement each other. This collaboration is a true testament to the power of musical camaraderie.

The Making of 'Still Life'

Uncover the creative process behind the song and its unique elements

'Still Life' is a song that showcases PLINI's artistic vision and attention to detail. In the making of this track, PLINI incorporated live string arrangements by his longtime friend AJ Minette, adding a rich and dynamic layer to the music. It's also worth noting that this is PLINI's first recording featuring an oud, a traditional Middle Eastern instrument that adds a unique flavor to the song.

The mixing of 'Still Life' by Simon Grove is another standout element. Grove's unconventional approach creates an unsettling yet captivating sonic landscape that perfectly complements the mood of the song. The combination of these different elements, from the intricate string arrangements to the experimental mixing, results in a truly captivating musical experience.

Mirage: An EP to Look Forward To

Get excited about PLINI's upcoming EP, Mirage

PLINI's EP, Mirage, is set to be released on December 1st, and it's shaping up to be a highly anticipated release. This EP marks a new chapter in PLINI's musical journey, showcasing his growth as an artist and his ability to push boundaries. If 'Still Life' is any indication, Mirage promises to be a captivating and immersive musical experience that fans won't want to miss.

Pre-orders for Mirage are already available, and fans can secure their copy of the EP now. With live string arrangements, guest appearances, and PLINI's signature guitar-centric sound, Mirage is set to be a must-have for any fan of instrumental music. Mark your calendars for December 1st and get ready to embark on a musical journey with PLINI.


PLINI's new music video for 'Still Life' is a captivating visual and auditory experience. The intricate drumming, the guest appearance by Tosin Abasi, and the unique elements incorporated in the song showcase PLINI's artistic vision and musical prowess. With the upcoming release of his EP Mirage, fans have even more to look forward to. Get ready to be immersed in PLINI's mesmerizing world of instrumental music.


When will Mirage be released?

Mirage is set to be released on December 1st.

Where can I pre-order Mirage?

You can pre-order Mirage now. Visit PLINI's official page on Facebook for more information.

Who is the guest artist on 'Still Life'?

Tosin Abasi from ANIMALS AS LEADERS is the guest artist on 'Still Life'.

What are some unique elements in 'Still Life'?

The song features live string arrangements by AJ Minette and includes the use of an oud, a traditional Middle Eastern instrument.

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