Rock Garden Records: Boston's Newest Label Launches with a Bang

Get ready to rock as Boston's music scene welcomes the launch of Rock Garden Records, a brand new record label. This article explores the vibrant local music community, the label's impressive roster of artists, and an exciting Beatles tribute event. Join us as we delve into the energy, creativity, and genuine joy that Rock Garden Records brings to the Boston music scene.

The Birth of Rock Garden Records

Discover the story behind the birth of Boston's newest record label

Rock Garden Records: Boston's Newest Label Launches with a Bang - -89033138

Meet Todd and Lisa Erickson, the rock n' roll couple with a passion for the local music scene. Learn how their love for music and desire to support the community led to the creation of Rock Garden Records.

Initially focused on archival releases, the label quickly shifted gears to showcase new tracks from talented local artists. Find out how Rock Garden Records is breathing new life into the Boston music scene.

The Rock Garden Showcase: A Night of Diverse Talent

Explore the exciting lineup of artists at the Rock Garden Showcase

Get ready for an unforgettable night of music at the Rock Garden Showcase. Discover the diverse range of artists on the label's roster, from traditional Boston rock n' roll to metal, glam-rock, Americana, and psychedelia.

Experience the energy and passion of bands like the False Positives, Little Billy Lost, Fifth Freedom, Smitt E. Smitty & the Feztones, Crow Follow, and Galaxy Cake. Special guests including John Powhida and Captain Easychord will also grace the stage.

As a special tribute to the Beatles' White Album, each artist will cover a song from this iconic double LP. Expect surprising and unique renditions of beloved classics.

Reviving the Boston Music Scene

Learn how Rock Garden Records aims to revitalize the local music scene

Boston has experienced the loss of a record label and a beloved figure in the local music community. Discover how Rock Garden Records hopes to fill that void and contribute to the revitalization of the Boston music scene.

With a focus on building a supportive community and hosting engaging shows, Rock Garden Records aims to create a sustainable music scene. Join Todd and Lisa Erickson in their mission to bring back the vibrancy and creativity that Boston was once known for.

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