20 Heavy Metal Christmas Songs to Rock Your Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to trade in the traditional Christmas melodies and overplayed tunes for something with a bit more edge. In this article, we present the top 20 heavy metal Christmas songs that will add a burst of energy to your Noel celebrations. Get ready to rock out and infuse your seasonal playlist with some headbanging masterpieces. From King Diamond to Nightwish, these metal-inspired holiday classics will bring a fresh twist to your festive gatherings.

1. King Diamond – “No Presents For Christmas”

Embrace the holiday spirit with King Diamond's high-energy performance filled with heavy theatrical metal and humorous lyrics.

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King Diamond's first solo project showcases his skills in embracing the holiday spirit with humor and trust. The song comes with a high-energy performance filled with heavy theatrical metal, perfect for Christmas and headbanging fans. This song also features spirited instrumentals and powerful vocals, eliciting both triumphant fist-pumps and gleeful smiles from fans.

2. Tool – “Fear Inoculum”

Discover Tool's epic and complex masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of progressive rock.

Tool's fifth studio album, Fear Inoculum, features the title tune as the first single. With its intricate composition and mesmerizing lyrics, this song showcases Tool's ability to create an immersive musical experience. It's a must-listen for fans of progressive rock and those seeking a thought-provoking sonic journey.

3. Slipknot – “The Chapeltown Rag”

Unleash your inner headbanger with Slipknot's intense and essential metal Christmas song.

Undoubtedly, The Chapeltown Rag is now one of the most essential songs on our best metal Christmas songs playlists. Slipknot delivers their signature aggressive sound and powerful lyrics in this track, making it a must-have for any metalhead's holiday playlist. Brace yourself for a headbanging experience like no other.

4. Metallica – “The Day That Never Comes”

Experience Metallica's rich ballad that explores themes of bitterness, forgiveness, and human connection.

One of Metallica's most rich ballads, The Day That Never Comes, can be found on the band's ninth studio album, Death Magnetic. This emotionally charged song delves into questions of bitterness and forgiveness, exploring the complexities of human relationships. With its powerful lyrics and dynamic instrumentals, it's a standout track that showcases Metallica's musical prowess.

5. Trivium – “In the Court of the Dragon”

Discover Trivium's powerful and captivating metal track that showcases their growth and musical evolution.

The song "In the Court of the Dragon" may be found on Trivium's upcoming ninth studio album, What the Dead Men Say, released in 2020. Trivium has been praised for their growth and musical evolution, and this track is a testament to their ability to create powerful and captivating metal music. With its intricate guitar work and powerful vocals, it's a must-listen for fans of the genre.

6. Spinal Tap – “Christmas With the Devil”

Get ready for a Spinal Tap Christmas with this devilishly entertaining and humorous metal track.

Must be a Spinal Tap Christmas when there's a gigantic Santa skull, leather trousers with a devil's tail, and a three-way solo. Like many of his tracks, this one was sparked by a dream Nigel experienced while sleeping. Original release year: 1992; album title: "Break Like the Wind." Although Tap performed the song on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" in 1984, the network declined to air it during the band's 1992 reunion special on the grounds that the song's lyrics advocated evil.

7. Every Time I Die – “Planet S**t”

Immerse yourself in the apocalyptic world of Every Time I Die's "Planet S**t" and experience their unique blend of metal and punk.

The belief expressed in the Planet S**t song is that nothing will be left standing when the universe is destroyed. Therefore, Every Time I Die didn't simply make a song; the group also established a legacy that would be applicable in any timeline and really anywhere. Overall, this track has all the makings of a top contender for "New Year, New You" playlists.

8. Metallica – “Ride The Lightning”

Experience the electrifying power of Metallica's iconic track "Ride The Lightning" and feel the energy surge through your veins.

Ride the Lightning, the second studio album by Metallica, was released on July 27, 1984 by independent label Megaforce Records. The album was recorded in three weeks at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, with Flemming Rasmussen as the producer. The band's logo is depicted as the source of a lightning bolt that strikes an electric chair. The title of this article is taken from a passage in Stephen King's novel The Stand, when the phrase "execution via electric chair" is used.

9. AC/DC – “Mistress for Christmas”

Get into the holiday spirit with AC/DC's playful and humorous track "Mistress for Christmas."

Album cut number six from 1990's "The Razor's Edge." In a February 1991 interview with Guitar World, Angus Young stated: "Mistress For Christmas" is the album's funniest track, in my opinion. That tune was written with Trump in mind. He was a major celebrity then, so we decided to make light of the situation.

10. Tool – “The Pot”

Delve into the hypnotic and thought-provoking world of Tool's "The Pot" and experience their unique blend of progressive rock and metal.

TOOL is an American progressive-rock band, and their fourth studio album, "10,000 Days", features the promotional single "The Pot" (2006). When it hit the top of the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart in 2007, it became Tool's first number-one single. It was up for a Grammy in 2008, specifically for "Best Hard Rock Performance."

11. Type O Negative – Red Water: A Gloom-Infused Holiday Tune

Immerse yourself in the dark and atmospheric world of Type O Negative's "Red Water: A Gloom-Infused Holiday Tune."

Type O Negative's "Red Water (Christmas Mourning)" showcases Pete Steele's impressive vocals while immersing fans in a dark, wintry atmosphere. The song creatively modifies the traditional melody and lyrics of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." Despite the band's well-known penchant for sarcasm and self-deprecation, the sincere conviction in this track is undeniably powerful.

12. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Festive Fantasies

Experience the magical and enchanting world of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Festive Fantasies" and let their symphonic progressive metal transport you to a winter wonderland.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a symphonic progressive metal ensemble, is known for creating a unique fusion of theatrical flamboyance, sophisticated metallic prowess, and heartwarming sentimentality. Among their impressive repertoire, Christmas Dreams represents their expertise in crafting a holiday ambiance. This record is the group's third Christmas-inspired rock opera, preceded by their 1996 and 1998 releases: Christmas Eve and More Tales and The Enchanted Christmas Loft. Achieving remarkable success in the United States, Christmas Dreams received double platinum certification, testifying to its widespread appeal. The group's fascination with the festive season has a long-standing history, as evidenced by their creative transformation of traditional carols and melodies into metal masterpieces. Showcasing their creative prowess, the band's rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas features tongue-in-cheek metalized lyrics, with the bass and drums adding lively and contagious energy to the mix.

13. Ronnie James Dio & Tony Iommi – A Majestic Rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Experience the majestic collaboration between Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi as they breathe new life into the classic carol "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."

Teaming up with former Quiet Riot bassist Rudy Sarzo and ex-AC/DC and Dio drummer Simon Wright, Dio and Iommi crafted a splendid, late-career performance of the classic mid-18th century English carol. This rendition showcases Ronnie's powerful vocals, described by Metal Hammer journalist Malcolm Dome as having "the grace of a thousand golden eagles," combined with Iommi's strong, gothic musical presence.

14. Halford – “We Three Kings”

Experience Rob Halford's unique take on the classic carol "We Three Kings" and revel in his powerful vocals and skillful guitar work.

Rob Halford, also known as the Metal God, released a Christmas album containing unique covers of classic songs. Among these, the mid-19th century American carol "We Three Kings" stands out due to its lively, invigorating approach. The track is further enhanced by the skillful guitar work of Roy Z, who adds a touch of innovation and sophistication to the well-known melody.

15. Silent Planet – “Panopticon”

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric and thought-provoking world of Silent Planet's "Panopticon" and explore the concept of constant surveillance.

The "Panopticon" refers to a disciplinary model in which a central observation tower is located in the middle of a ring of cells. The inmates in each cell cannot see into the tower, but the guard on duty in the tower can see everyone in the facility. Inmates have no idea if they are being watched. Jeremy Bentham, an English philosopher and social theorist, conceived it in the 18th century.

16. Twisted Sister – “Heavy Metal Christmas”

Get ready to rock out with Twisted Sister's energetic and festive track "Heavy Metal Christmas."

On October 17, 2006, American heavy metal band Twisted Sister released their final studio album, titled A Twisted Christmas. Traditional Christmas songs are treated with metal, and the album's words are often changed. The band's hit song "We're Not Gonna Take It" borrowed heavily from the Christmas standard "Oh Come All Ye Faithful," which is performed similarly. Twisted Sister's cover of the Christmas standard has gained popularity since the band's peak in the 1980s. The band members hilariously crash a holiday party at the home of a fighting couple in the accompanying music video.

17. Korn – “Jingle Balls”

Get ready for a heavy and unconventional take on the holiday season with Korn's "Jingle Balls."

Korn recorded "Jingle Balls" for their third album, Follow the Leader. This song was only released in Australia in 1999 on a sampler featuring "Wake Up."

18. Korn – Abducting the Sandy Claws

Join Korn as they bring a mischievous twist to the holiday season with their lively rendition of "Abducting the Sandy Claws."

The standout track in the Nightmare Revisited album is Korn's lively rendition of this mischievous, non-festive Danny Elfman song. With the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack reimagined by alternative artists, this tune can be played loudly to deter Jolly Old Saint Nick from approaching your chimney this year. The confident, knowledgeable, and clear execution proves it is a must-listen.

19. Tankard – Disregarding Christmas

Tankard delivers a scornful critique of excessive commercialism during the holiday season with their punk-metal fusion "Disregarding Christmas."

Germany's tipsy thrash rockers, Tankard, offer a scornful dig at the excessive commercialism during the holiday season through their punk-metal fusion. While their catchy title is snarled to the sound of reluctant sleigh bells, a serious political message is delivered. Furthermore, the lead vocalist, Gerre, humorously ends with the line, "He was born in August anyway."

20. Nightwish – "Walking In The Air"

Experience the enchanting and ethereal world of Nightwish's "Walking In The Air" as Tarja Turunen's operatic voice takes you on a magical journey.

Drawing inspiration from The Snowman's iconic track, Nightwish's performance features Tarja Turunen's amazing operatic voice, melding seamlessly with symphonic tones and added woodwind instruments.

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