Ohmu: Exploring Dark Ambient Sounds in 'When Will Our Forever Longing Be Satiated'

Experience the captivating world of Ohmu, the solo project of Athens-based musician and designer Winston Parker, in their debut album 'When Will Our Forever Longing Be Satiated'. Dive into the cinematic landscapes created by Ohmu's dark ambient electronic compositions, where moments of darkness and brightness coexist in perfect harmony. Let the haunting sounds and raw intensity take you on a visceral journey inward, exploring the depths of human emotions and the duality of our existence.

Captivating Cinematic Soundscapes of Ohmu

Experience the mesmerizing world of Ohmu's dark ambient electronic compositions

Immerse yourself in the captivating cinematic soundscapes crafted by Ohmu in their debut album, 'When Will Our Forever Longing Be Satiated'. Drawing inspiration from æNausicaä of the Valley of the Wind0¯ and its dystopian universe, Ohmu takes listeners on an introspective journey through haunting melodies and deep, brooding textures. Every track is a carefully crafted composition that stimulates the imagination and creates an otherworldly atmosphere.

Within the album, Ohmu explores the juxtaposition of darkness and light. Moments of darkness, like the ire of giant insects, fuse with moments of brightness, reminiscent of gentle acts of kindness. This juxtaposition reflects the duality of the human experience, reminding us that all emotions, whether light or dark, are a part of our nature.

Delving into the Origins of Ohmu

Discover the inspiration behind Ohmu's name and its connection to the anime film

Ohmu's name, derived from Hayao Miyazaki's 1984 anime film 'Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind', holds significant meaning for Winston Parker, the mastermind behind Ohmu. The film's post-apocalyptic setting, dominated by toxic fungi jungles and giant insects, mirrors the dark, ambient themes that define Ohmu's music.

Interestingly, though feared and perceived as destructive creatures, the Ohmu in the film possess a surprising sense of intuition and sensitivity. This theme resonates with Ohmu's aim to navigate the struggles and chaotic emotions of the human condition, ultimately portraying kindness as a force that prevails against turbulence.

Ohmu's Evolution: From Experimental Sound Exploration to Album Creation

Trace Ohmu's musical journey from its experimental roots to the creation of the debut album

Germinating from personal experiments during Winston Parker's involvement with diverse music projects throughout the years, Ohmu's unique approach to composition revolves around improvisation. Parker's early experiences at the University of Georgia's Lamar Dodd School of Art and involvement with WUOG 90.5 FM served as vital building blocks in shaping Ohmu's experimental sound.

Characterized by artful curation of prepared recordings, audio manipulations, and live shows with talented musicians, Ohmu's path embraced creativity through improvisation. This approach not only sets the stage for the captivating energy revealed in 'When Will Our Forever Longing Be Satiated', but also reflects Ohmu's genuine desire to offer an authentic and visceral musical experience.

Artistic Collaborations: Visual and Sonic Synergy unites

Witness the synergy between Ohmu's music and their collaborations with art and visual creators

Ohmu's visual aesthetics and collaborations add another dimension to their artistic expression. The album cover art 'Medicijnman', created by conceptual artist Michael Oliveri, captures the intriguing juxtaposition of an invisible entomological world through a scanning electron microscope. This otherworldly image echoes the immersive experience awaiting listeners, one that blends darkness with underlying subtleness.

Further amplifying Ohmu's sonic world, Rick Silva, a former art instructor, directed the music video for the album's eponymous title track. Silva's expertise in exploring virtuality and speculative ecologies brought together natural and artificial elements in mesmerizing landscapes. The video complements Ohmu's music beautifully, showcasing the stark beauty and ethereal quality of their soundscapes.

Witnessing Ohmu's Live Performances and Future Collaborations

Discover opportunities to experience Ohmu's live shows and latest ventures

Catch Ohmu live at their album release show alongside Marcel Sletten, Organically programmed, and Ihlyatt taking place at the iconic Flicker Theatre & Bar. Don't miss this chance to witness the mesmerizing sonic landscapes brought to life in a live setting.

Additionally, Ohmu will also perform as part of the Sonic Space series at ATHICA on October 27. Keep an eye out for upcoming collaborations and future projects as Ohmu continues to explore new sonic territories and expand their artistic repertoire.


Ohmu's debut album 'When Will Our Forever Longing Be Satiated' is a captivating journey into dark ambient electronic music. The cinematic soundscapes crafted by Ohmu evoke a range of emotions, from brooding darkness to moments of gentle light. Winston Parker's experimentation and improvisation bring depth and authenticity to the compositions, resulting in a truly immersive experience. Collaborations with visual artists enhance the sonic journey, creating a synergy between visuals and music. Don't miss the chance to witness Ohmu's live performances and stay tuned for their future artistic ventures.


Can I find Ohmu's music on streaming platforms?

Yes! Ohmu's music is available on various streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

Are there any upcoming collaborations or projects from Ohmu?

As Ohmu continues to explore new sonic territories, collaborations, and projects are always on the horizon. Stay updated with Ohmu's social media channels and website for announcements and exciting new releases.

What inspired Ohmu's unique sound?

Ohmu's unique sound is inspired by a blend of influences including the post-apocalyptic themes of Hayao Miyazaki's film 'Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind' and Winston Parker's own experiences with experimental sound exploration. The result is a captivating fusion of dark ambient textures and compelling cinematic elements.

Where can I see Ohmu perform live?

Ohmu's live performances can be witnessed at various venues and events. Keep an eye on their official social media accounts and website for updates on upcoming shows and tour dates.

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