Amit Trivedi: Embracing the Journey of Musical Exploration

In a candid conversation, renowned musician Amit Trivedi reflects on the dynamics of success and failure, the challenges of blending genres, and the evolving independent music scene. Join me as we delve into his latest album, Songs of Trance 2, and explore his love for electronic music.

The Setback and the Creative Process

Amit Trivedi's reflections on success, failure, and embracing the creative journey.

Acknowledging the setback he faced with Bombay Velvet, Amit Trivedi reflects on the limited appeal of jazz in India. Despite the uncertainty of the outcome, he emphasizes the importance of embracing the creative process. Artists live for the journey, not just the destination.

Every little artist in the world understands this truth. The process of creation is what drives us. Trivedi knew from the beginning that introducing jazz to an audience not accustomed to it might not work, but that didn't deter him. He lives for the joy of creating.

Exploring the World of Electronic Music

Amit Trivedi's love for electronic music and his desire to explore different styles within the genre.

Amit Trivedi reveals his admiration for electronic music and mentions some of his influences, such as Midnight, Skrillex, and Above and Beyond. He expresses his desire to continue exploring within the electronic music genre.

With his latest album, Songs of Trance 2, Trivedi hints at the possibility of more trance-inspired compositions. He envisions a series of songs that allow for collaborations and further exploration.

Songs of Trance 2: A Fusion of Genres

An exploration of Amit Trivedi's latest album and its unique blend of genres.

Amit Trivedi's Songs of Trance 2 offers a fusion of various genres, showcasing his versatility as a musician. Each track in the album brings a unique blend of styles, from the groovy electro number Bairi Birha to the Punjabi-electronic fusion of Puttha Paasa.

Trivedi's excitement about the album's diversity is evident. He collaborates with like-minded artists to bring out the best of all genres in this album. Songs of Trance 2 is a testament to his creativity and willingness to push boundaries.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Independent Music

Amit Trivedi's thoughts on the rise of independent artists during the pandemic and the launch of his independent label.

Amit Trivedi highlights the impact of the pandemic on the music industry, leading to the discovery of numerous independent artists. He shares his experience of launching his independent label, Amit Trivedi Azaad, during this challenging time.

Despite the uncertainty, Trivedi persevered, and his song Moti Veraana gained recognition on a global scale. The pandemic created an opportunity for independent artists to shine, and Trivedi's label became a platform for their talent.


Amit Trivedi's journey as a musician is a testament to the power of embracing the creative process. Despite setbacks and challenges, he continues to explore and push boundaries in the world of music.

With his latest album, Songs of Trance 2, Trivedi showcases his versatility and passion for blending genres. The album offers a fusion of styles that captivate and surprise listeners.

During the pandemic, Trivedi's independent label, Amit Trivedi Azaad, became a platform for emerging artists, highlighting the resilience and talent within the independent music scene.

Amit Trivedi's love for electronic music and his dedication to the creative journey inspire both aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts alike. His contributions to the industry continue to shape and evolve the landscape of Indian music.

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