Jungkook Releases Diverse Remixes of Hit Single '3D'

BTS's Jungkook has just dropped a vibrant remix package of his hit solo song '3D.' The '3D: The Remixes' feature four distinct versions, including a collaborator from the UK's DJ scene, Z. G. Cook. Each remix offers a fresh take on the mid-2000s hip-hop and dance-infused original, showcasing Jungkook's desire to connect with the listener across dimensions. Delve into this diverse offering that further solidifies Jungkook's international success.

A Diverse Remix Package

Explore the exciting new remixes of Jungkook's solo track '3D'

BTS has given fans a treat with the release of '3D: The Remixes,' a collection of remix versions of Jungkook's solo single '3D.' This diverse remix package offers a fresh take on the original hit and showcases the talent of various artists.

One of the highlighted versions is the 'A. G. Cook' remix, featuring contributions from the renowned British DJ A. G. Cook. With its infusion of electro-house and trendy EDM beats, this remix is sure to catch the attention of music lovers.

The package also includes a 'Clean' version, as well as 'Sped Up' and 'Slowed Down' versions, providing different atmospheres and innovative approaches to Jungkook's mesmerizing vocals. Each remix is unique, allowing fans to experience the three-dimensional charm of '3D' in multiple ways.

Captivating Sounds in '3D'

Appreciate the old-school vibe and heartfelt message of Jungkook's original single

Jungkook's second single explores a nostalgic soundscape steeped in mid-2000s hip-hop and dance. '3D' stands out for its infectious beat and captivating melody, transporting listeners back to an era of catchy tunes and rhythmic grooves.

The song's warm lyrics convey Jungkook's desire to meet 'you' in three dimensions and to always be together as 'us.' It serves as a reminder of the power of connection and the longing to share moments with loved ones in a world that often feels faraway.

Unprecedented Success

Witness the impressive achievements of '3D' upon its release

Upon its release, '3D' quickly rose to the top, dominating charts and garnering international acclaim. It soared to No. 1 on iTunes' 'Top Songs' charts in an astounding 100 countries and regions, truly taking the world by storm.

Notably, the song also secured the top spot on Japan's Oricon 'Daily Digital Single Ranking' on September 29th, further solidifying Jungkook's massive popularity in the Japanese music scene. Additionally, on Spotify's 'Daily Top Songs Global' chart, '3D' held the respectable 3rd position for two consecutive days.

Jungkook's consistent success continues with '3D' following his earlier hit 'Seven (feat. Latto).' This latest achievement affirms Jungkook's status as an international pop star beloved by millions across the globe.


The release of '3D: The Remixes,' featuring Jungkook's sensational solo single '3D,' has created waves of excitement among fans worldwide. The diverse collection of remixes provides a fresh take on the original hit, captivating listeners with their unique sounds and interpretations.

Jungkook's heartfelt lyrics and the mesmerizing melodies of '3D' transport us to a nostalgic world of old-school vibes, showcasing his versatility as an artist. The tremendous success of '3D' on various charts and its international acclaim demonstrate the unwavering support and love for Jungkook's music.

As we eagerly embrace the remixes and reflect on the impact of '3D,' it's evident that Jungkook's talent shines brightly on the global stage, solidifying his position as a beloved pop star adored by millions worldwide.


What are the different versions of '3D: The Remixes'?

The remix package includes the 'A. G. Cook' remix, 'Clean' version, 'Sped Up' version, and 'Slowed Down' version, each offering a unique twist to the original '3D' single.

What is the main message of Jungkook's single '3D'?

The song expresses Jungkook's desire to meet 'you' in three dimensions and to always be together as 'us,' emphasizing the power of connection and the longing to share moments with loved ones.

What achievements did '3D' attain upon its release?

'3D' reached No. 1 on iTunes 'Top Songs' charts in 100 countries/regions, topped Japan's Oricon 'Daily Digital Single Ranking,' and held the 3rd position for two consecutive days on Spotify's 'Daily Top Songs Global' chart.

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