BreakOut West 2023: A Celebration of Music and Collaboration in Kelowna

Musicians, industry professionals, and music fans are gathering in Kelowna, B.C., for BreakOut West 2023. This annual music industry conference and festival showcases the best of Western Canadian music and culminates in the Western Canadian Music Awards. With over 60 acts from Canada, the U.S., Sweden, Iceland, and Hong Kong, this four-day event promises an unforgettable experience. Join us in Kelowna as we celebrate the power of music and foster collaboration within the industry. Get ready to be immersed in a vibrant music scene and discover the incredible talent that makes Kelowna a music hub.

BreakOut West: A Music Industry Conference and Festival

Experience the best of Western Canadian music at BreakOut West 2023 in Kelowna.

BreakOut West is not just a music festival, but also a music industry conference that brings together musicians, industry professionals, and music fans. It serves as a platform for collaboration, networking, and mentorship opportunities.

During the four-day event, attendees can enjoy performances by over 60 acts from across Canada, the U.S., Sweden, Iceland, and Hong Kong. The diverse lineup showcases the incredible talent and cultural richness of the Western Canadian music scene.

Whether you're a music enthusiast or a professional in the industry, BreakOut West 2023 offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the power of music and discover new artists and trends.

Collaboration and Mentorship: Connecting Artists and Industry Professionals

BreakOut West fosters collaboration and mentorship through one-on-one meetings and mentorship programs.

One of the highlights of BreakOut West is the opportunity for artists and industry professionals to connect through one-on-one meetings. Over 900 meetings take place during the event, allowing artists to seek guidance, advice, and potential collaborations.

In addition to the meetings, BreakOut West also offers mentorship programs where delegates are paired up with artists. This mentorship provides a platform for artists to receive guidance and support from experienced industry professionals, helping them navigate the music industry and overcome barriers.

BreakOut West is not just about the performances, but also about fostering meaningful connections and empowering artists to thrive in the industry.

Kelowna: A Vibrant Music Hub

Discover the vibrant music scene and cultural richness of Kelowna.

Kelowna, the host city of BreakOut West 2023, is no stranger to the music scene. With its previous successful hosting of the event in 2010 and 2018, Kelowna has established itself as a vibrant music hub.

Not only does BreakOut West bring music enthusiasts and industry professionals to Kelowna, but it also highlights the incredible talent, venues, and culture the city has to offer. The event animates the city in a positive way, showcasing Kelowna's thriving music scene to residents and visitors alike.

Join us in Kelowna for BreakOut West 2023 and experience the energy and creativity that make this city a must-visit destination for music lovers.

Long-Term Impact on the Community

BreakOut West has a positive long-term impact on the Kelowna community.

BreakOut West is not just a temporary event; it leaves a lasting impact on the Kelowna community. Working closely with partners like Tourism Kelowna and the City of Kelowna, BreakOut West creates opportunities for local talent, venues, and businesses to thrive.

The event brings attention to the city's vibrant music scene and cultural offerings, attracting visitors and boosting the local economy. It also provides a platform for artists to showcase their talent and gain recognition, contributing to the growth and development of the music industry in Kelowna.

BreakOut West is more than just a music festival; it's a catalyst for positive change and a celebration of the rich artistic community in Kelowna.


BreakOut West 2023 in Kelowna is not just a music festival, but a celebration of collaboration, talent, and the power of music. It brings together artists, industry professionals, and music enthusiasts to foster connections, mentorship, and growth within the industry.

With its vibrant music scene, cultural richness, and long-term impact on the community, Kelowna serves as the perfect host city for this event. BreakOut West showcases the incredible talent from Western Canada and beyond, creating a platform for artists to shine and for the music industry to thrive.

Join us in Kelowna for BreakOut West 2023 and be part of an unforgettable experience that celebrates the magic of music and the artistry behind it.

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