The Surprising Success of *NSYNC's Reunion Single: Joey Fatone's Reaction

In a surprising turn of events, *NSYNC's reunion single 'Better Place' has debuted at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100. Even *NSYNC member Joey Fatone is amazed by the song's chart success. Let's delve into his reaction, the unexpected magnitude of the song, and the potential implications for the beloved boy band's future.

Joey Fatone's Surprise

Joey Fatone, a member of *NSYNC, expresses his astonishment at the chart success of 'Better Place'.

Joey Fatone, one of the iconic members of *NSYNC, is taken aback by the unexpected triumph of their reunion single 'Better Place'. In an interview, he admits his surprise at the song's chart success and describes the experience as surreal. Fatone reflects on the overwhelming response from fans and the emotional connection they still feel towards the band.

Despite his involvement in the creation of the song, Fatone confesses that he did not anticipate its magnitude. Initially, he viewed it as a fun project for the 'Trolls Band Together' movie, rather than a potential chart-topper. However, the combination of *NSYNC's enduring popularity, Justin Timberlake's involvement, and the movie's connection struck a chord with listeners, propelling 'Better Place' to the charts.

Rekindling the *NSYNC Magic

Discover how 'Better Place' has reignited the *NSYNC fandom and introduced a new generation to the iconic boy band.

'Better Place' has not only resonated with longtime *NSYNC fans but has also captivated a new generation of listeners. The song's inclusion in the 'Trolls Band Together' movie has introduced younger audiences to the magic of *NSYNC's music, creating a sense of nostalgia and curiosity.

Platforms like TikTok have played a significant role in the resurgence of *NSYNC's popularity. The band's catchy tunes and signature dance moves have become viral sensations, with users of all ages participating in dance challenges and sharing their love for the group. This unexpected wave of online engagement has further solidified *NSYNC's place in pop culture history.

The Possibility of a *NSYNC Reunion Tour

Explore the potential for a *NSYNC reunion tour and the factors that may influence its realization.

As 'Better Place' climbs the charts, fans are eagerly clamoring for a *NSYNC reunion tour. However, several factors need to be considered before such an event can take place. Joey Fatone highlights the complexities involved, including the personal commitments of the band members.

With some members married and having children, their priorities and willingness to embark on a tour may vary. It is crucial for the band to have an open and honest conversation about their individual desires and commitments. While the possibility of a reunion tour remains uncertain, the overwhelming support for 'Better Place' has undoubtedly reignited discussions among the band members.


The unexpected success of *NSYNC's reunion single 'Better Place' has taken both fans and the band members by surprise. Joey Fatone, in particular, expresses his astonishment at the song's chart success and the overwhelming response from listeners. The song's inclusion in the 'Trolls Band Together' movie has rekindled the *NSYNC magic, introducing a new generation to the iconic boy band. While fans eagerly anticipate a *NSYNC reunion tour, various factors need to be considered before such an event can become a reality. Nevertheless, the impact of 'Better Place' serves as a testament to the enduring popularity and timeless appeal of *NSYNC's music.

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