‘Stay true to you and your roots’ | Knoxville singer making her way in music

Welcome to the musical journey of Knoxville native Emily Wyrick as she emerges into the industry with her remarkable EP, 'The Muscle Shoals Sessions'. These soul-stirring tracks, recorded at the legendary FAME studios in Muscle Shoals, offer a glimpse into Wyrick's personal transformation. With the support of her talented father and guidance from her hometown, Wyrick's music marries passion and authenticity, inviting listeners to embark on this electrifying musical endeavor.

A Childhood Immersed in Music

Delve into Emily Wyrick's upbringing and how her musical journey began.

Emily Wyrick was destined for a musical path since childhood, growing up surrounded by a rich tapestry of sounds and talents in her hometown of Knoxville. With a father who's deeply rooted in the music industry, she had early exposure to the magic of studios and musicians coming to their house.

Her upbringing served as the perfect foundation for her own aspirations. Hearing the rhythms and melodies from her role models sparked a fire within her to pursue her own artistic dreams. Knoxville's vibrant music community provided the nurturing support she needed to take her first steps into the industry.

Stepping into the Spotlight: The Muscle Shoals Sessions

Explore Emily Wyrick's transformative album, recorded at the legendary FAME studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Emily Wyrick's latest EP, 'The Muscle Shoals Sessions,' captures a pivotal moment of personal growth and expression. Recorded at the iconic FAME studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Wyrick's soulful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and the allure of the studio's storied history converge to create a mesmerizing musical experience for listeners.

This collection of three captivating songs serves as a sonic mirror reflecting the highs and lows of Wyrick's life, unveiling vulnerability, and craftmanship. Inspired by her father, Travis Wyrick, who played a multipurpose role in the production, mixing, and engineering, Emily's burgeoning talent and raw emotions shine through every melody.

Bridging the Personal and Universal through Music

Discover how Emily Wyrick channels her personal experiences into universally relatable music.

'The Muscle Shoals Sessions' EP offers a glimpse into Emily Wyrick's unfiltered soul, delving into her joys, challenges, and journey of self-discovery. With intimate lyrics crafted straight from her personal diary, Wyrick fearlessly excavates her emotions and invites the audience into her world.

Through her artistry, Emily expertly weaves a seamless thread between her own experiences and the shared human sentiments we all face. Each listener can find solace and relate to her songs as they operate as a cathartic release for the artist, resonating on a profound level with anyone who has ever navigated the complexities of life, love, and personal growth.

Nurtured Ambitions: The Role of Home in Emily Wyrick's Journey

Uncover the importance of hometown support in fueling Emily Wyrick's musical aspirations.

Emily Wyrick holds steadfast adoration for her hometown of Knoxville, recognizing the significant role it played in shaping her musical journey. Attributing her success to the robust music community that nurtured her ambitions, Wyrick emphasizes the importance of hometown support.

Embracing the understanding and encouragement of fellow artists, family, and friends, she flourished within an ecosystem that believed in her talents. The Knoxville community's passion for supporting local musicians became an essential driving force, prompting Wyrick to fully embrace her dreams and step confidently into the realm of professional music.

Embracing Vulnerability and Taking the Leap

Reflect on Emily Wyrick's bravery in sharing her music and the impact it can have on listeners.

When emblazoned by a fiery passion for her craft, Emily Wyrick took the leap into sharing her gift with the world. With trepidation and excitement tangling together, Wyrick released her music, recognizing the power in vulnerability and the impact her honesty could have on listeners.

Her goal of being relatable and authentic comes through in her music, offering solace, inspiration, and the assurance that others are not alone in their experiences. By sharing her own introspection, Emily Wyrick paints a sonic tapestry that resonates with genuine emotion, forging an intimate connection with her audience that goes beyond lyrics and melodies.


Emily Wyrick's 'The Muscle Shoals Sessions EP' is a testament to the profound musical talents she possesses. With each song, she invites us into her world, baring her vulnerabilities and showcasing her growth as an artist. Recording at FAME studios in Muscle Shoals adds an extra layer of magic to this project, intertwining nostalgia with the promising future that lies ahead for Wyrick's musical career.

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