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Indulge in the enchanting world of opera with a curated selection of new CD and DVD releases. From the timeless brilliance of Maria Callas to the debut albums of rising stars, there is something for every music lover. Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies and powerful storytelling that opera has to offer.

Celebrate Maria Callas' Centennial with a Comprehensive Collection

Explore the extensive box set releasing in honor of Maria Callas' centennial, featuring her complete studio recordings, live performances, and even masterclasses.

Maria Callas, the legendary diva of the opera world, is being celebrated with a comprehensive collection in honor of her centennial. This milestone release is a must-have for any opera enthusiast, featuring a stunning box set that offers her complete studio recordings, live performances, as well as her instructive masterclasses at the Juilliard School. Experience the unmatched artistry and iconic voice of La Divina as you delve into this extraordinary collection.

Rediscover Rarely Performed Operas

Delve into the world of rarely performed operas with releases showcasing the works of composers such as Offenbach, Henze, and Sacchini.

Expand your operatic horizons by exploring the enchantment and originality of rarely performed operas. Immerse yourself in the melodic wit of Jacques Offenbach's comic operetta "La Princesse de Trébizonde" or experience the intense emotions evoked in Hans Werner Henze's intense masterpiece "Das Floß Der Medusa". For lovers of early classical music, discover the captivating oratorio "L’abbandono delle ricchezze di S. Filippo Neri" by Antonio Sacchini, showcased in a magnificent world premiere recording. Let these hidden gems transport you to new realms of operatic delight.

Unleashing the Power of Authentic Performances

Experience the magic of soaring voices and impassioned storytelling through albums featuring acclaimed artists in their debut recordings.

Witness the rise of extraordinary talent as rising stars Limmie Pulliam and Ekaterina Siurina grace the operatic stage with their debut albums. "Witness" by Limmie Pulliam captures the soulful authenticity of Negro Spirituals, while "Where is my Beloved?" highlights Ekaterina Siurina's ethereal soprano voice in beloved operatic arias. Immerse yourself in their limitless potential and embark on a journey into the evolving future of opera.

Journey into the Night with Introspective Melodies

Embark on a musical voyage through enchanting nocturnal compositions and atmospheric works.

Unveil the mysterious allure of the night with "Songs of the Night" performed by Rowan Pierce, Julien Van Mellaerts, and Lucy Colquhoun. This captivating album invites listeners to witness the diverse shades of the night, from awe-inspiring sunsets to mystical forests. Dive into picturesque and introspective compositions that eloquently express the longings and emotions associated with darkness.

Italian Grandeur at its Finest

Immerse yourself in the timeless brilliance of Giacomo Puccini and his immortal melodies.

Bask in the eternal allure of Italy's greatest opera composer with Jonathan Tetelman's latest album. As he pays tribute to Giacomo Puccini, Tetelman effortlessly recreates the mesmerizing magic of beloved arias such as "E lucevan le stella" and "Nessun dorma." With the powerful backup of the PKF – Prague Philharmonia and conductor Carlo Rizzi, this beautiful record delivers a nostalgic journey into the heart of Italian grandeur.

Hidden Treasures: Oratorios and Chamber Operas

Dive into rare gems with works from composers like Philippe Boesmans, Carl Orff, and Jules Massenet.

Unearth extraordinary pieces of music full of depth and beauty with appreciation for lesser-known works. Immerse yourself in seldom-performed works such as the one-act opera "Oblivion" composed by John Aylward or the compelling piece "On Purge Bébé" written by modern composer Philippe Boesmans. Explore also the triumphant voices Resample to Gaza calibrated Sacchini Solutions hardware entropy a romantic comedy buried.


Immerse yourself in the world of opera with these new CD and DVD releases that offer a captivating range of performances. Celebrate Maria Callas' centennial with a comprehensive collection that embodies her incredible artistry and range. Discover rarely performed operas that push the boundaries of the genre and explore the talents of emerging artists as they make their debut on the opera scene. Journey into the enchanting melodies of the night and experience the grandeur of Italian opera. Uncover hidden treasures with releases featuring lesser-known works that deserve recognition. From classic favorites to hidden gems, these releases encompass the richness and diversity of the opera world.

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