Manuel Turizo: Rising Star Q&A at Billboard Latin Music Week

Join us as we delve into the captivating conversation between Colombian rising singer Manuel Turizo and Billboard Latin Assistant Editor, Jessica Roiz. Explore Turizo's global collaborations, his move to Miami, and the creative process behind his chart-topping hits.

Collaborating with Marshmello on “El Merengue”

Discover the story behind Manuel Turizo's collaboration with Marshmello and their Latin Grammy-nominated hit, “El Merengue.”

Manuel Turizo reflects on his collaboration with Marshmello on the Latin Grammy-nominated summer hit, “El Merengue.” Despite Marshmello's background in Anglo pop, the two artists decided to create something truly Latin, showcasing a side of Marshmello's music that his audience hadn't experienced before.

By infusing the track with the infectious rhythms of merengue, Turizo and Marshmello aimed to introduce a new sound to their listeners, demonstrating their ability to push boundaries and defy expectations.

Making the Move to Miami for Musical Growth

Explore Manuel Turizo's decision to relocate from Colombia to Miami and how it has influenced his career and creative process.

Manuel Turizo shares his journey of moving from Colombia to Miami to pursue his music career. Initially planning to stay for a short period, Turizo found himself drawn to the vibrant music scene and the opportunities for collaboration that Miami offered.

Being in Miami exposed Turizo to a diverse community of producers, composers, and singers, expanding his network and inspiring him to explore new musical styles. He credits his time in Miami for pushing him out of his comfort zone and allowing him to grow as an artist.

Nostalgia for Colombian Cuisine and Culture

Learn about Manuel Turizo's love for Colombian food and the cultural aspects he misses after leaving Monterilla.

Despite embracing his new life in Miami, Manuel Turizo admits that he misses the flavors and spices of Colombian cuisine. He believes that the food we grow up with shapes our palate, and he fondly reminisces about the unique seasonings and dishes from his hometown of Monterilla.

Additionally, Turizo acknowledges the cultural influence of his Colombian heritage on his music. He appreciates the impact of Dominican musical culture on Colombia and how it has inspired him to experiment with different genres, such as bachata.

The Creative Process Behind Chart-Topping Hits

Gain insights into Manuel Turizo's creative process and his willingness to explore various musical styles.

Manuel Turizo discusses his approach to creating music and the importance of following his instincts. He emphasizes that he is not confined to a single musical style and enjoys experimenting with different sounds and genres.

One example of this is his chart-topping hit, “La Bachata,” which initially faced skepticism from his team due to his Colombian background. However, Turizo's love for the genre and the influence of Dominican musical culture on Colombia led him to release the song, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Furthermore, Turizo highlights the significance of collaborating with other artists. He believes that working with different musicians allows him to learn and absorb new perspectives, whether it's their vocal abilities or unique production techniques.


Manuel Turizo's Q&A session at Billboard Latin Music Week provided valuable insights into his journey as a rising star in the music industry. From his collaborations with Marshmello and Grupo Frontera to his move to Miami and creative process, Turizo's story is one of passion, growth, and cultural exploration.

His willingness to push boundaries and experiment with different musical styles has resulted in chart-topping hits that resonate with audiences worldwide. Turizo's Colombian heritage and the influence of Latin and Dominican musical cultures have shaped his unique sound, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

As Manuel Turizo continues to captivate listeners with his infectious rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, we can expect to see him rise even further in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark on the Latin music scene.

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