Leaving a Lasting Impression: Inspiring Artists Making Their Mark

In the world of art and creativity, there are individuals who go above and beyond to leave a lasting impression. Meet Mike Towers, a Puerto Rican Latin music star, Shantall Lacayo, a Nicaraguan fashion designer, and Rob The Original, a Mexican-American barber, tattooist, and visual artist. Each of them has found their own unique way of making art and giving back to their communities. Join us as we delve into their inspiring journeys and discover how they are making their mark in their respective fields.

Mike Towers: Using Music as a Platform for Giving Back

Discover how Puerto Rican music star Mike Towers has used his platform to make a positive impact and give back to his community.

Mike Towers, a Puerto Rican Latin music star, has not only captivated audiences with his chart-topping hits but has also made it a priority to give back to his community. In the wake of Hurricane Fiona in 2022, Towers donated a generous sum of $150,000 from two concerts at the Coliseo to support the survivors. He believes in the responsibility he has towards his fans, stating, 'Those people are the first to support me, and not only in Puerto Rico. There are fans who make sacrifices just to be in a hotel to greet you or come to the show and be in the first row.' Towers' dedication to his fans and his community sets an inspiring example for artists everywhere.

Through his music, Towers aims to uplift and inspire others, using his lyrics to convey messages of resilience and hope. He understands the power of music as a universal language that can bring people together and make a positive impact. With his philanthropic efforts and his dedication to his craft, Mike Towers is leaving a lasting impression on the music industry and beyond.

Shantall Lacayo: Preserving Cultural Roots Through Fashion

Explore how Nicaraguan fashion designer Shantall Lacayo incorporates her cultural roots into her creations and supports artisans from Latin American countries.

Shantall Lacayo, a talented Nicaraguan fashion designer, has found her unique artistic voice by incorporating her cultural roots into her creations. Her designs not only showcase vibrant colors that represent her homeland but also incorporate elements made by artisans from Nicaragua and other Latin American countries. Lacayo's commitment to preserving indigenous traditions is evident in her use of hand-carved wooden buttons and other intricate details.

Furthermore, Lacayo has partnered with XOW, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women in extreme poverty. Through this collaboration, she helps women work on their self-esteem and gain skills to enter the workforce. By combining her passion for fashion with her desire to make a difference, Shantall Lacayo is leaving a lasting impression on the fashion industry and empowering others along the way.

Rob The Original: Pushing the Boundaries of Artistic Expression

Discover how Mexican-American artist Rob The Original breaks barriers and inspires others through his multidisciplinary approach to art.

Rob The Original, a Mexican-American barber, tattooist, and visual artist, is known for pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Starting out as a barber, he quickly gained recognition for his unique hair designs and went on to explore other mediums such as tattoo art and creating portraits in unconventional materials like shattered glass and even Cheetos!

Rob's contribution to the art world goes beyond his own creations. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to pursue their artistic dreams. With the upcoming launch of the Rob the Original Academy, he aims to mentor and train aspiring multidisciplinary artists, teaching them not only the technical skills but also how to build a successful career in the industry.


Mike Towers, Shantall Lacayo, and Rob The Original are three inspiring artists who are leaving a lasting impression in their respective fields. Through their unique artistry and dedication to giving back, they have become role models for aspiring artists everywhere.

Mike Towers uses his platform as a Puerto Rican music star to make a positive impact and support his community. Shantall Lacayo preserves her cultural roots through her fashion designs and empowers artisans from Latin American countries. Rob The Original pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and inspires others to pursue their creative dreams.

These artists show us that art has the power to make a difference, whether it's through music, fashion, or visual art. They remind us of the importance of giving back and leaving a mark in our own unique way. Let their stories inspire you to make a positive impact through your own artistry.

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