Jungkook Set to Perform '3D' for the First Time on Music Bank

In an electrifying first, BTS member Jungkook is ready to take the stage to perform '3D' on the upcoming episode of Music Bank. With the track soaring on music charts worldwide, fans and music enthusiasts can't wait to witness this momentous event. Tune in for an unforgettable performance on October 13th!

Breaking News: Jungkook to Perform '3D' on Music Bank

Exciting announcement for all BTS fans! Get ready as Jungkook gears up for a historic performance of his smashing hit '3D' on Music Bank.

Jungkook, a member of the global phenomenon BTS, is about to take the world by storm once again. Fans have eagerly anticipated the live rendition of his chart-topping track '3D' featuring the talented Jack Harlow. Thanks to Music Bank, their dream will soon become a reality.

With '3D' making waves around the globe, climbing the music charts on multiple platforms, and reaching remarkable milestones, this highly anticipated Music Bank performance promises to be nothing short of spectacular. So, mark your calendars for October 13th, sit tight, and prepare to witness Jungkook's electrifying performance.

Riding High on the Charts: The Phenomenon of '3D'

Discover the immense popularity of Jungkook's '3D' and its extraordinary achievements on global music charts.

'3D' has taken the world of music by storm, winning the hearts of millions of listeners worldwide. Since its release, this pop R&B masterpiece has been soaring on various music charts.

With Jungkook's sweet and soulful vocals, coupled with the captivating rap verses by the talented Jack Harlow, '3D' has become an instant sensation. Notably, the track has topped Spotify's '' and climbed to the #1 spot on iTunes global charts, showcasing its global appeal and enormous popularity.

Music Bank Presents a Global Spectacle

Experience the magic of Music Bank as Jungkook's '3D' performance captivates viewers worldwide.

Music Bank is widely known for showcasing the best performances in the K-pop industry, capturing the hearts of fans from all over the globe. With Jungkook set to perform '3D' live, this upcoming episode promises to be a grand event.

Marking a significant milestone in Jungkook's career, this performance serves as a testament to his artistry and talent. Music lovers can expect a visually stunning production, accompanied by powerful vocals and dynamic choreography. Get ready for an unforgettable spectacle that will keep viewers captivated till the very end.

A New Dimension: BTS Jungkook Brings '3D' to Life

Delve into the meaning behind '3D' and embrace the heartfelt expression of love in the song's lyrics.

'3D' is not simply a catchy track; it carries a meaningful message of longing and desire. As an emotional pop R&B song, it beautifully expresses the heartfelt sentiments of yearning for someone you love.

Through witty and clever lyrics, Jungkook artfully conveys the heartfelt desire to be with the person he cherishes. From the first verse to the last note, '3D' encapsulates the universal emotions of love and longing, resonating with fans worldwide.


Get ready for an extraordinary musical experience as Jungkook graces the stage of Music Bank to perform his sensational hit '3D'. With the worldwide success of the track and the undeniable talent of the artist, this performance is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jungkook's remarkable journey, and make sure to catch his iconic performance on October 13th. Prepare to be amazed by the electrifying energy and stellar vocals of the one and only Jungkook.

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