Becky G proudly shows her roots in ‘Esquinas,' inspired by regional Mexican music

In her highly anticipated album 'Esquinas', Becky G pays homage to her Mexican heritage and embraces her identity as 200% Mexican and 100% American. This album is a beautiful fusion of traditional Mexican genres and alternative sounds, showcasing Becky G's love for her abuelitos, her younger self, and future generations. Let's explore the crossroads of two cultures and languages through Becky G's heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies.

Embracing Her Identity

Becky G's journey to accepting and celebrating her Mexican-American identity

Becky G grew up on the border between Mexico and the United States, facing the challenge of not fitting into either culture perfectly. However, she refused to let go of any part of her identity to be accepted by one or the other. Instead, she proudly embraces her 200% identity, being 100% Mexican and 100% American.

Through her album 'Esquinas', Becky G shares her journey of self-discovery and acceptance, proving that you can honor your roots while embracing the diversity that comes with being a product of two cultures.

A Love Letter to Her Abuelitos

The heartfelt tribute to Becky G's grandparents and the influence of their love and support

Becky G's grandparents played a significant role in her life, shaping her love for music and instilling the values of hard work and compassion. In her album, she dedicates a special song, 'Querido Abuelo' ('Dear Grandpa'), to her late grandfather Miguel, who was an inspiration to her.

Through this song, Becky G reminisces about her family, the smell of the countryside, and the cherished memories spent with her grandparents. It is a heartfelt tribute that captures the essence of the love and support she received from them.

Blending Traditional and Alternative Sounds

Exploring the fusion of traditional Mexican genres with alternative elements in 'Esquinas'

'Esquinas' is a unique album that seamlessly blends traditional Mexican genres, such as corridos, boleros, and mariachi, with alternative sounds. Initially, Becky G wanted to showcase her ability to delve into Mexican genres by incorporating trumpets, tololoche, and acoustic guitar.

However, as the project evolved, she also collaborated with the new generation of regional Mexican music artists, bringing a fresh and modern twist to the traditional sounds. Songs like '2ndo Chance,' 'Cries in Spanish,' and 'Chanel' showcase the perfect fusion of different musical styles.

A Journey Down Memory Lane

Revisiting childhood classics and memories that inspired Becky G's music

Throughout 'Esquinas', Becky G takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, revisiting the classics she grew up listening to. She covers songs like 'Un puño de tierra' by Ramón Ayala, paying homage to the legends who influenced her musical upbringing.

Additionally, she draws inspiration from her grandmother's love for old AM radio songs and the bolero trio Los Panchos, creating a blend of sentimental and sweet melodies that transport listeners back to cherished memories.

Connecting with Fans on the Mi Casa, Tu Casa Tour

Becky G's first headliner tour in the United States and the celebration of her album with fans

As Becky G celebrates the release of 'Esquinas', she is also embarking on her first headliner tour in the United States, titled Mi Casa, Tu Casa Tour. This tour allows her to connect with fans in a live setting and witness their immediate reaction to the songs from the album.

From Boston to New York, and with upcoming stops in El Paso, San Diego, and Los Angeles, Becky G is excited to share the music she poured her heart into and create memorable experiences with her fans.


Becky G's album 'Esquinas' is a powerful and heartfelt tribute to her Mexican roots and cultural fusion. Through her music, she embraces her identity, pays homage to her grandparents, and blends traditional Mexican genres with alternative sounds.

This album is a love letter to her abuelitos, her younger self, and future generations, capturing the essence of her journey and the experiences that shaped her. Becky G's Mi Casa, Tu Casa Tour provides an opportunity for fans to connect with her on a personal level and experience the magic of her music live.

With 'Esquinas', Becky G has proven that she can navigate the crossroads of two cultures and languages, creating a beautiful blend of authenticity and innovation. This album is a testament to the power of embracing one's roots and celebrating the diversity that makes us who we are.

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