Why Gospel Musicians Should Embrace Awards: A Perspective from Perez Musik

Perez Musik, winner of the Songwriter of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year awards at the 2023 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, believes Gospel musicians should not hesitate to compete for and receive recognition. In this article, we explore Perez Musik's perspective on the significance of awards for Gospel musicians, and why they are both justified and essential in the music industry. Join us as we delve into the value of awards as a channel for communicating the spiritual message delivered by Gospel music.

The Importance of Awards in the Gospel Music Industry

Explore why awards play a significant role in the recognition and validation of Gospel musicians.

Within the Gospel music industry, awards hold immense value in terms of acknowledging the artistic achievements and impact of talented musicians. They offer a platform for validation and recognition, allowing Gospel musicians to reach a wider audience and inspire more souls.

An award serves as a testament to the efforts and dedication put into creating music that resonates deeply with listeners. It serves as a symbol of excellence in both the technical craftsmanship and the ability to connect with the spiritual needs of the audience.

Music as a Conduit for Spiritual Messages

Discover how music is a powerful medium for conveying spiritual messages and the importance of recognition for this aspect.

Though the work of a Gospel musician is intrinsically spiritual, it must also find expression in the physical realm to effectively convey the intended message.

The lyrics and melodies intertwined within Gospel music serve as carriers of spiritual teachings to uplift and motivate individuals on their spiritual journey. Awards acknowledge the successful delivery of these divine messages, ensuring they are heard by wider audiences.

The Role of Quality Productions in Gospel Music

Understand the significance of well-produced Gospel music and how it contributes to an artist's recognition.

Music is appreciated not only for its message but also for its technical quality. Achieving excellence in production is crucial to captivate listeners and convey the spiritual essence behind the Gospel message.

Through high-quality music production, Gospel musicians can touch the hearts and souls of listeners. Awards offer an affirmation of these efforts, recognizing the dedication put into crafting a sonic experience that resonates with individuals.

Maintaining the Right Focus: Awards as a Byproduct

Learn why awards should be viewed as by-products of an artist's main calling and not the sole focus.

While awards bring commendation and honor, they should never surpass the true purpose of Gospel music: the salvation of souls, encouragement, and heart upliftment. Music carries a greater responsibility which should not be overshadowed by a mere desire for awards.

As an artist, dedicating oneself to the higher calling of inspiring and touching lives will naturally attract recognition and accolades. Focusing solely on awards dilutes the true essence of Gospel music and may hinder the artist's impact on society.


Gospel musicians should embrace awards as a valuable validation of their talent and dedicated efforts. These accolades serve as a platform to reach a broader audience, enabling the spiritual messages of Gospel music to touch more souls. While awards are important, it's crucial for Gospel musicians to maintain their focus on their main calling: inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging individuals through their music. by putting their focus on impacting lives with the spiritual essence of their talent, Gospel musicians will naturally attract recognition and honor.


Why should Gospel musicians embrace awards?

Awards provide validation and recognition for the artistic achievements and impact of Gospel musicians. They serve as a means to reach a wider audience and make a greater spiritual impact.

Do awards diminish the spiritual aspect of Gospel music?

No, awards acknowledge the successful expression of spiritual messages through Gospel music. They affirm the ability to touch hearts and souls, reinforcing the need for Gospel musicians to continue conveying their divine message through quality productions.

Should awards be the sole focus for Gospel musicians?

No, the main focus of Gospel musicians should be the salvation of souls, encouragement, and heart upliftment. While awards are beneficial, the true purpose of Gospel music should never be overshadowed by a desire for recognition.

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