The Rock and Roll Resurrection of Mylon LeFevre

Discover the captivating story of Mylon LeFevre, an artist who defied expectations and blazed his own trail in the rock and roll world. From his rebellious beginnings to his spiritual awakening, this article takes a closer look at LeFevre's iconic album 'Rock and Roll Resurrection' and the fusion of southern rock and gospel that defined his music.

The Early Rebel Years

Unveiling Mylon LeFevre's rebellious beginnings and his transformation as a rock artist

Before blazing a trail in the rock and roll world, Mylon LeFevre was no stranger to rebellion. Expelled from a Christian college for his unique sound and rocked by family disputes, LeFevre underwent a transformative journey as an artist. His traditional gospel surroundings gave way to a desire to make the music he truly loved.

With the release of his gospel rock album, 'Mylon: We Believe,' he kick-started a fusion of Black gospel and southern rock that earned him critical acclaim and paved the way for his eventual recognition as a rock artist.

A Clash of Faith and Fame

However, as the decade progressed, LeFevre found his spiritual content dissipating as he focused on establishing his identity as a rock artist. Collaborations with music legends such as Little Richard, Alvin Lee, and The Who propelled him into the music spotlight.

Hitting Rock Bottom and Finding Rebirth

Resilience and personal growth as Mylon LeFevre rises above addiction and reinvents himself

Behind the rockstar persona, Mylon LeFevre fought a secret battle with addiction. From a heroin habit in 1973 to grappling with cocaine addiction, LeFevre hit rock bottom before reclaiming his life. Finding the strength to leave behind the destructive cycle, he emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and embarked on a journey of personal transformation.

Journey Towards Sobriety

LeFevre fought his way back from addiction, withdrawing slowly and regaining a clear mind. He turned to physical activities such as racquetball, basketball, and running to rejuvenate both his body and mind.

Reuniting with Allen Toussaint

Teaming up with his collaborator, Allen Toussaint, LeFevre found fertile ground for his musical resurrection. Their partnership breathed new life into his music, resulting in the compelling album, 'Rock & Roll Resurrection'. With tracks like 'Shake' and 'Work To Do,' LeFevre merged rock and rhythm & blues, capturing audiences' imagination once again.

Embracing Spiritual Awakening

Exploring Mylon LeFevre's renewed focus on faith and the influence on his music

The album 'Rock & Roll Resurrection' not only showcased Mylon LeFevre's musical revival but also hinted at a shift in his artistic expression. Looking past star status, LeFevre found solace in his faith. Spiritual awakening became a key element as LeFevre reconnected with his beliefs, reinvigorating his journey as an artist and individual.

Faith as Constant Guidance

Highlighting the value of love and placing it above fame and fortune, LeFevre's track 'Life Saver' beautifully captured the transformational power of his faith. He recognized that having faith was a constant, an unchanging foundation rooted in his connection with God.

A New Beginning

Shortly after 'Rock & Roll Resurrection' was released, LeFevre made the courageous decision to step away from his career in pursuit of a deeper purpose. Fast forward to 1982, he emerged with his band, Broken Heart, unveiling a new album and shining brightly amidst the contemporary Christian music scene.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Reflecting on Mylon LeFevre's impact on the Christian music scene and his influential career

LeFevre may have walked away from the limelight, but his impact on the music industry remains undeniable. With eight albums and numerous Grammy nominations and awards, including the Grammy and Dove Awards for 'Crack the Sky,' LeFevre's influential career in contemporary Christian music solidified his legacy.

Musical Roots Forever Present

Even as he transitioned to an evangelistic ministry, music remained an integral part of LeFevre's life. Recognized for his contributions, he was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. His presence and influence continue to resonate long after his passing.

A Journey That Transcends Time

Mylon LeFevre's captivating journey from rebel to reverend, heartache to renewal, permeated his music with authenticity. It serves as a reminder that personal transformation can take us beyond our wildest dreams while leaving an indelible mark on the world.


Mylon LeFevre's journey from rebellion to redemption in the rock and roll world is a captivating story of personal transformation. Through his unique fusion of gospel and rock, LeFevre defied expectations and forged a new path in the music industry. His music not only resonated with audiences but also uplifted hearts and captured the essence of spiritual awakening. His influence in contemporary Christian music and his lasting legacy continue to inspire generations.


Q: Was 'Rock & Roll Resurrection' a pivotal album in Mylon LeFevre's career?

A: Yes, 'Rock & Roll Resurrection' marked a turning point in Mylon LeFevre's career, showcasing his fusion of rock and gospel while reflecting his renewed focus on faith.

Q: What influenced Mylon LeFevre's decision to leave the music industry?

A: Mylon LeFevre's decision to leave the music industry was driven by a deeper calling, as he pursued a life focused on his faith and ministry.

Q: What is Mylon LeFevre's lasting impact on the music industry?

A: Mylon LeFevre left a lasting impact on the music industry, particularly in the contemporary Christian music scene. His music, accolades, and induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and the Gospel Music Hall of Fame testify to his significant contribution.

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