Unveiling the Untold Story of Hip-Hop: A Journey Through Time

Step into the world of hip-hop and explore its dynamic origins and extraordinary influence. Join Assistant Professor Stevie Johnson as he guides you through the innovative course at the Ohio State School of Music, immersing you in the rich culture and captivating beats of hip-hop music while redefining your understanding of this electrifying genre.

The Birth of Hip-Hop: A Bronx Revolution

Uncover the origins of hip-hop and its profound impact on the cultural landscape of the United States.

The iconic legacy of hip-hop was born amidst the vibrant streets of the Bronx in New York City five decades ago. It emerged as a powerful form of expression for marginalized communities, giving voice to the struggles, aspirations, and resilience of urban life.

Rooted in the African-American and Latinx cultures, hip-hop transcended economic and racial barriers, embracing diversity and unity as its core principles. Through this groundbreaking music and movement, artists like Lauryn Hill revolutionized the industry and became poignant storytellers, captivating audiences worldwide.

A Trailblazing Course: Exploring Hip-Hop's Lyrical Landscape

Delve into the cutting-edge curriculum designed by Assistant Professor Stevie Johnson, introducing students to the multifaceted elements of hip-hop.

Under the expert guidance of Assistant Professor Stevie Johnson, students are immersed in a dynamic course that explores the profound impact of hip-hop's unique beats and lyrics on American culture. This empowering learning experience enables students to delve deeper into the historical context, multicultural influences, and innovative techniques that have shaped hip-hop as a transcendent art form.

Within the course, students unravel the anatomy of hip-hop through interactive lessons, giving them the tools and knowledge to create their own infectious melodies and rhythms.

Empowering Identity through Hip-Hop: A South-to-Midwest Perspective

Examine the diverse narratives and cultural significance of hip-hop, assimilating personal experiences and regional diversity.

Assistant Professor Stevie Johnson highlights the uniqueness of cultural experiences by celebrating the Southern perspective within the broader realm of hip-hop. By recognizing and embracing their distinct regional sound, students learn to foster authentic creativity and articulate their own stories.

Through in-depth discussions and hands-on activities, the course prompts students to explore the intricate cultural tapestry of hip-hop across different regions and the ways in which diverse backgrounds continue to shape this genre into an inclusive, multifaceted movement.

Unleashing Creativity: The Vibrant World of Hip-Hop Beat Production

Engage with the process of beat production in hip-hop, embarking on an exciting rhythm roulette challenge.

Assistant Professor Stevie Johnson takes students on an exhilarating journey into the heart of hip-hop beats. Through hands-on exercises and utilizing vinyl records, students discover the art of beat-making and hone their creative instincts in unique ways.

One such challenge is the rhythm roulette, in which students select three unfamiliar records from a store and infuse them into their creative process. This one-of-a-kind approach allows students to demonstrate their beat-making skills by showcasing how they transform these records into mesmerizing compositions.

Empower Your Voice: Hip-Hop as a Catalyst for Self-Expression and Social Change

Unleash the powerful potential of hip-hop as a medium for personal empowerment and social advocacy.

Assistant Professor Stevie Johnson encourages students to positively impact society through hip-hop, empowering them to embrace their unique voice as agents of change. By examining hip-hop's critical role in advocating for social justice, students gain insight into the influential nature of this genre on both macro and micro scales.

The course harnesses the power of personal narratives, inspiring students to draw from their own backgrounds and experiences to create profound lyrics that resonate with audiences. Through this lens, hip-hop emerges not merely as music, but as an influential tool for transforming hearts, igniting revolutions, and challenging societal norms in a powerful cacophony of artistic expression.


As we venture through the uncharted terrain of hip-hop's history and influence, we witness the indelible impact this genre has made on the fabric of American culture. This groundbreaking course at the Ohio State School of Music, led by Assistant Professor Stevie Johnson, has transformed the way students engage with and appreciate hip-hop music and its myriad elements.

From its trailblazing origins and soul-stirring beats to its role in personal expression and social transformation, hip-hop stands as a powerful catalyst for change. By encompassing diverse narratives, regional influences, and the creative potential of beat production, this course serves as a testament to the cultural dynamism and boundless future of hip-hop music.

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