Iain Matthews: A Musical Journey of Passion and Integrity

Explore the remarkable musical journey of Iain Matthews, a singer-songwriter known for his captivating voice and unwavering commitment to creating captivating music. From his influential beginnings with Fairport Convention to his chart-topping hits with Matthews Southern Comfort, Matthews has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Join us on WCBE for an exclusive live performance and a chance to win tickets to his upcoming show at Natalie's Grandview!

A Gateway to Music Excellence

Discover Iain Matthews' influential role in Fairport Convention.

A Legendary Start

Kickstarting his career with Fairport Convention, Matthews quickly made a name for himself by creating enchanting harmonies alongside talented vocalists Judy Dyble and Sandy Denny. The band's pioneering sound paved the way for countless artists in the folk-rock genre.

A Solo Ventures

Matthews stepped into the spotlight with Matthews Southern Comfort, achieving chart-topping success with their stirring rendition of Joni Mitchell's 'Woodstock.' He continued to dazzle audiences with enthralling solo albums, including the critically acclaimed 'Valley Hi' produced by Michael Nesmith.

Unstoppable Talent

Exploring a multitude of musical projects, Matthews showcased his versatility and unwavering passion for music. From fronting various bands like Plainsong and Hi-Fi, to collaborating with the renowned Dutch jazz combo, The Searing Quartet, his eclectic talent continues to shine.

An Ever-Evolving Music Journey

Delve into Matthews's incredible journey and his solo recordings.

A Shifting Focus

After a stint in A&R, Matthews returned to the center stage as a solo artist, delivering captivating performances and a stream of mesmerizing solo albums. With an eagerness to connect deeply with listeners, Matthews prefers an acoustic approach that infuses his live performances with heartfelt stories and fan-favorite classics from his extensive 50-year career.

New Musical Horizons

Post 2000, Matthews relocated to Europe, putting his focus on Matthews Southern Comfort and collaborating with acclaimed Norwegian icons, The Salmon Smoker's on the recorded album 'FAKE TAN'. In 2018, he released his highly praised memoir, 'Thro my eyes', co-authored with British writer Ian Clayton.

WCBE: Live from Studio A

Experience the lead-up to Iain Matthews' live performance and exciting giveaway on WCBE.

A Musical Celebration

WCBE is thrilled to host Iain Matthews for a special live performance on Live From Studio A! Join us for an unforgettable blend of live music and engaging conversation. Tune in to 90.5FM Columbus, 106.3FM Newark, or stream it online at www.wcbe.org to be part of this unique musical celebration.

Win Tickets to the Show!

Listen for your chance to win tickets to Iain Matthews' upcoming show at Natalie's Grandview. Immerse yourself in his captivating voice and witness his deep connection with the audience. Don't miss this opportunity to experience an extraordinary musical journey with one of the industry's most revered singer-songwriters!

Reflections of Passion and Artistry

Gain insight into Iain Matthews' artistic integrity and his enduring impact.

An Intimate Approach

Matthews prefers acoustic solo shows because they allow him an instant rapport with audiences who continue to be mesmerized by his genuine passion and accomplished performances. After five decades of dedicating himself to music, he has solidified his legacy, leaving an unforgettable mark on folk-rock and captivating countless hearts along the way.

A Focus on Vulnerability

Matthews' unwavering dedication to preserving the integrity of his music resonates deeply with audiences. His commitment to creating music that captivates the mind, heart, and soul stems from a sincere desire to evoke emotional connections and engage listeners on a profound level. The purity and authenticity of his artistry continue to inspire artists and music lovers around the globe.


Iain Matthews has established himself as a legendary figure in the world of music, delighting audiences with his enchanting voice and unwavering commitment to his craft. From his influential beginnings with Fairport Convention to his chart-topping success with Matthews Southern Comfort, Matthews has left an indelible mark on the folk-rock genre.

His remarkable solo ventures and collaborations have showcased his versatility and musical prowess, captivating listeners across generations. With his acoustic solo shows, Matthews continues to connect with audiences on a profound level, evoking emotions and creating lasting memories.

As we tune in to Iain Matthews' live performance on WCBE and eagerly anticipate his upcoming show at Natalie's Grandview, we are reminded of the pure joy and passion that music brings. Let us celebrate the extraordinary career of Iain Matthews and the impact he has made on the music industry.


What are some of Iain Matthews' most famous hits?

Iain Matthews is widely known for his stirring rendition of Joni Mitchell's 'Woodstock' with Matthews Southern Comfort. His time with Fairport Convention also produced enchanting harmonies that continue to captivate audiences.

What makes Iain Matthews' approach to live shows unique?

Iain Matthews prefers acoustic solo shows, where he shares heartfelt stories and performs fan favorites from his extensive career. This intimate approach allows for an instant rapport with the audience, creating a memorable and personal experience.

How has Iain Matthews impacted the music industry?

Iain Matthews has left an enduring mark on the folk-rock genre. His pure voice, dedication to creating emotionally captivating music, and unwavering artistic integrity have inspired countless artists and music lovers around the world.

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