Unleashing the Power of Young Musicians: 2023 Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards

Step into the enchanting world of classical music as we delve into the prestigious 2023 Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards. This groundbreaking competition is a celebration of the immense talent and dedication displayed by young musicians across Ireland. Join me as we explore the transformative power of music and witness the extraordinary journeys of these inspiring individuals.

Recognizing and Empowering Young Musical Prodigies

Discover the exceptional talent of young musicians and the inspiration behind the Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards.

A world filled with melody and captivating performances beckons as we delve into the realm of young musical prodigies. The Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards stand as a testament to the boundless potential of these remarkable individuals, showcasing their extraordinary abilities on a grand stage.

Learn how this prestigious competition partners with talented teens nationwide, supporting and nurturing their musical journeys to greatness. Through its generous prize of €5,000, the Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards empower aspiring musicians, ensuring access to tuition, prestigious courses, and instrumental purchases that foster their artistic development and future success.

A Legacy Honoring Musical Excellence

Unveil the unforgettable history and the impact of the Frank Maher Awards in fostering musical ingenuity through generations.

Backed by a rich history and passionate dedication to musical education, the Frank Maher Awards have become a beaming beacon in the classical music realm. Initiated in 2001 by Emmet O'Rafferty, these awards carry forward the transformative legacy left by the esteemed teacher, Fr. Frank Maher.

Witness how the Frank Maher Awards embraced extraordinary musical talents in Ireland and fostered their growth. Diving into the aural wonders of pianists such as Kevin Jansson and Aidan Chan, violin maestros Julieanne Forrest and Mairead Hickey, and gifted cellists Killian White and Sinead O'Halloran, these awards encapsulate musical excellence, commanding the attention of the nation.

Inspiring Young Musicians on a Journey of Dedication

Explore how the competition has shaped the careers of young musicians and propelled their musical aspirations beyond imagined boundaries.

Dipping into the triumphs of previous winners, we uncover stories of extraordinary determination, unwavering passion, and unmatched talent. Meet musicians like Daimee Ng, the 18-year-old winner who decided to forego university offers and march boldly towards their musical dreams.

Step into the world of these remarkable students, joining them as they seize gap years to hone their craft through masterclasses. Witness their auditions for renowned Europe-based music colleges offering the next chapter moments of growth.

A concrete Step towards Musical Mastery

Uncover the process of entering and participating in the Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards, students must be in their sixth and final year of post-primary school education. musically inclined talent specializing in string, woodwind, brass or piano, aiming to push boundaries and vie for excellence.

Awards Ceremony and Beyond

Immerse yourself in the thrilling culminating moments of the awards, where winners are unveiled and astounding performances leave the audience spellbound. Essential dates and important initial instructions are set to enable memorable participation. Take the first steps towards self-discovery and acclaim, hand in your inspiring entry today.

A Journey into the Future of Music

Peer beyond the present and delve into the bright future of classical music nurtured by institutions like the Top Security/Frank Maher Awards.

Allow yourself to envisage a society rich in cultural fervor, where an entire generation celebrates the timeless beauty of classical music. These awards that honor young artists manifest a progressive direction that cradles young talent, offering them endless opportunities for creative growth and transcendent harmony.

With their careers ripe for untamed expansion, these emerging musicians harbor the power to shape the future of classical music, invigorating generations to come. Witness their journey towards distinction and triumph as they blur the boundaries of what is creatively attainable.


The joy and transcendence of classical music come to life through the 2023 Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards. This remarkable platform empowers talented young musicians across Ireland, giving them invaluable opportunities to nurture their artistic passion and propel their careers towards greatness.

As we celebrate the transformative power of music, we invite you to witness the extraordinary performances and journeys of these gifted individuals. Through their dedication, determination, and love for their craft, they inspire us all to chase our dreams and create harmony in our lives.


What is the aim of the Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards?

The aim of the Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards is Recognition and Empowering Young Musical Prodigies, honoring the extraordinary talents of young musicians and supporting their future in the realm of classical music.

Who is Fr Frank Maher and how did he contribute to musical education?

Fr Frank Maher was an influential teacher who made significant contributions to musical education. The Frank Maher Awards were created to honor his legacy and continue his work of nurturing and encouraging extraordinary musical talents in secondary schools.

What do winners of the Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards receive?

The winners of the Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards receive a generous prize of €5,000. This prize can be used to further their musical education through recognized places of tuition or purchases necessary for the development of their talent.

How do students participate in the Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards?

To participate in the Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards, students must be in their sixth year of post-primary education and specialize in string, woodwind, brass, or piano. Interested students can submit their entry and immerse themselves in the exhilarating journey of musical excellence.

What is the future of classical music honored by awards like these?

The Top Security/Frank Maher Classical Music Awards represent a brilliant glimpse into the future of classical music. By nurturing young talents and empowering them to push boundaries, these awards shape a musical landscape enriched by the creativity and passion of emerging musicians, ensuring a vibrant future for this timeless art form.

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