Blue Smiley Teams Up with Topshelf Records to Release Unheard Tracks

Blue Smiley, the beloved shoegaze band with a devoted Philly following, is making waves with their partnership with Massachusetts-based label Topshelf Records. Fans can now own physical copies of their existing discography, including their previously unreleased track 'coma'. Dive into the world of Blue Smiley and their unmatched influence on shoegaze, lofi indie, and DIY rock.

Blue Smiley's Devoted Following

Explore the cult following of Blue Smiley in Philadelphia's shoegaze scene.

Blue Smiley has cultivated a devoted fanbase within the Philadelphia shoegaze community. Their unique sound and Brian Nowell's profound influence resonated with locals, inspiring other notable acts such as Full Body 2, TAGABOW, Feeble Little Horse, and Alex G.

The passing of Brian Nowell in 2017 shook the local music community, but his legacy lives on through Blue Smiley's music.

Blue Smiley Joins Forces with Topshelf Records

Discover the exciting collaboration between Blue Smiley and Massachusetts-based label Topshelf Records.

It's an exciting time for Blue Smiley fans as they join forces with Topshelf Records. Known for representing exceptional artists, Topshelf Records is the perfect platform for the unique and captivating sound of Blue Smiley.

This collaboration with Topshelf Records will expand the reach of Blue Smiley's music, reaching a wider audience with their compelling shoegaze sound.

Blue Smiley's Discography Gets a Physical Release

Get the opportunity to own physical copies of Blue Smiley's existing discography.

The wait is over for Blue Smiley's fans.

For the first time, the band's 2016 album ok and their 2017 release return are being released on vinyl, cassette, and CD. This long-awaited physical release gives fans the chance to experience the full sonic richness of Blue Smiley's music.

The partnership with Topshelf Records ensures that each format truly captures the essence and beauty of their breathtaking shoegaze sound.

Unleashing 'coma': A Hidden Gem from Blue Smiley

Discover the previously unreleased track 'coma' by Blue Smiley.

As a special treat for fans, the partnership with Topshelf Records includes the release of an unreleased track titled 'coma'.

An extraordinary discovery from the return era.

  • This mesmerizing track unveils another layer of Blue Smiley's artistry, transporting listeners into an ethereal soundscape.
  • 'coma' showcases Blue Smiley's ability to weave intricate guitar melodies with emotive vocals and powerful sonic textures.

It's a testament to their undeniable talent and further solidifies their position as a dynamic force in the shoegaze genre.

The Enduring Influence of Blue Smiley

Delve into the lasting impact of Blue Smiley in the shoegaze, lofi indie, and DIY rock circles.

Blue Smiley's significance in the music world extends far beyond their devoted fanbase. Their sound has influenced a new generation of musicians, inspiring artists in the shoegaze, lofi indie, and DIY rock scenes.

Through their distinct blend of ethereal melodies, soothing vocals, and layered instrumentation, Blue Smiley continues to define and shape these genres, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.


Blue Smiley's partnership with Topshelf Records marks a significant milestone in their musical journey.

With the release of their previously unheard track 'coma' and the availability of their existing discography in physical formats, fans can immerse themselves in the captivating world of Blue Smiley.

Their profound influence on the shoegaze, lofi indie, and DIY rock genres solidifies their place as a driving force in the music industry, and their unique sound continues to inspire a new generation of musicians.


How can I get a physical copy of Blue Smiley's discography?

You can get a physical copy of Blue Smiley's discography through their partnership with Topshelf Records. Visit their website or local record stores to own these cherished albums in vinyl, cassette, or CD format.

Where can I listen to Blue Smiley's unreleased track 'coma'?

You can listen to Blue Smiley's previously unreleased track 'coma' on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. It's a hidden gem that truly showcases their unique artistry.

What is Blue Smiley's influence on the music community?

Blue Smiley has left an enduring impact on the music community. Their distinct blend of ethereal melodies, soothing vocals, and layered textures has influenced a new generation of artists in the shoegaze, lofi indie, and DIY rock scenes.

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