Soft Soft Pillow: A Dreamy Musical Journey of Cultural Fusion

Welcome to the enchanting world of Soft Soft Pillow, a Malaysian band that has captured hearts with their ethereal music. Combining Chinese and Malay influences, they have created a mesmerizing sound that transcends borders. Join us as we delve into their dreamy melodies and explore the cultural fusion that defines their music.

The Birth of Soft Soft Pillow

Discover the story behind the formation of Soft Soft Pillow and their unique musical journey.

Soft Soft Pillow: A Dreamy Musical Journey of Cultural Fusion - 524618048

Soft Soft Pillow emerged as a result of a year-long collaboration during the 2020 pandemic isolation. This Malaysian band, consisting of Chinese and Malay members, came together to create a cloud-like texture of music that resonates with listeners.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Wee, along with guitarist Faridz, synthesizer player Yinn, bassist Jerald, and drummer Ralph, poured their hearts into this creative endeavor. Their music reflects their vulnerability and resilience, inviting listeners to experience their journey in its entirety.

The Dreampop Style of Soft Soft Pillow

Explore the unique Dreampop style of Soft Soft Pillow and how it blends multicultural influences.

Soft Soft Pillow's music is a delightful fusion of their multicultural influences. Wee, who grew up in a Chinese opera environment, brings a touch of traditional Chinese melodies, while Faridz's love for Pop yeh-yeh music adds a nostalgic charm to their sound.

The result is a leisurely South Asian vacation vibe that transports listeners to a dreamy musical realm. Their music has garnered attention and recognition, winning the Most Promising Newcomer Award at the 16th Singapore Fresh Music Award TAMA in the Southeast Asia region.

The Vintage Aesthetic of Soft Soft Pillow

Discover Soft Soft Pillow's vintage aesthetic and their limited edition collectible physical album.

Soft Soft Pillow not only captivates with their music but also embraces a vintage aesthetic. Their limited edition collectible physical album, titled 'Auditory Time Machine' (Walkman Cassette Bundle), pays homage to the analog era and appeals to music enthusiasts who appreciate the nostalgic feel of vintage formats.

This unique offering has been a hit among fans, with the album selling like hotcakes. Soft Soft Pillow's commitment to their artistic vision shines through in every aspect of their music and presentation.

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