Powerwolf: Honoring Ozzy Osbourne's Birthday with a Signature Cover

In celebration of Ozzy Osbourne's 75th birthday, German metallers Powerwolf have released a captivating cover of his iconic solo track 'Bark At The Moon'. With their signature style and a nod to the original version, Powerwolf pays homage to the legendary musician. Join us as we delve into their upcoming headline tour, their highly anticipated new album, and their remarkable journey as one of the most celebrated heavy metal bands of the last decade.

Powerwolf's Captivating Cover of 'Bark At The Moon'

Discover Powerwolf's tribute to Ozzy Osbourne on his 75th birthday with their mesmerizing cover of 'Bark At The Moon'.

Powerwolf: Honoring Ozzy Osbourne's Birthday with a Signature Cover - 55943639

Powerwolf, the renowned German metal band, has released a breathtaking cover of Ozzy Osbourne's iconic solo track 'Bark At The Moon' to honor the legendary musician on his 75th birthday. With their signature style and unique interpretation, Powerwolf pays homage to the original while infusing it with their own captivating energy.

Their rendition of 'Bark At The Moon' showcases the band's exceptional musical talent and their ability to breathe new life into classic songs. The powerful vocals of Attila Dorn, combined with the mesmerizing guitar work of Charles Greywolf and Matthew Greywolf, create a truly unforgettable listening experience.

Powerwolf's cover of 'Bark At The Moon' is a testament to their admiration for Ozzy Osbourne and their dedication to their craft. It serves as a reminder of the timeless impact of Osbourne's music and the influence he has had on generations of musicians.

Upcoming Headline Tour and Spectacular Production

Get ready for Powerwolf's biggest headline tour to date, featuring major arenas across Europe and a spectacular production.

In the fall of 2024, Powerwolf will embark on their most ambitious headline tour yet. Spanning across major arenas in Europe, the tour promises to deliver an unforgettable live experience to fans.

With a spectacular production that combines stunning visuals, pyrotechnics, and immersive stage design, Powerwolf aims to create a truly immersive and captivating atmosphere for their audience. Each show will be a grand spectacle, showcasing the band's larger-than-life presence and their commitment to delivering an extraordinary performance.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness Powerwolf's electrifying energy and their powerful stage presence as they take their music to new heights on this monumental tour.

Special Guests and Additional Support

Joining Powerwolf on their headline tour are special guests Hammerfall and rising stars Wind Rose.

Powerwolf is thrilled to have Swedish heavy metal legends Hammerfall join them as special guests on their headline tour. Hammerfall's dynamic and energetic performances are the perfect complement to Powerwolf's captivating stage presence, promising an unforgettable night of heavy metal.

Adding to the excitement, rising stars Wind Rose will provide additional support on the tour. Known for their unique blend of folk and power metal, Wind Rose brings their own brand of epicness to the stage, setting the perfect tone for an epic night of music.

With this incredible lineup, Powerwolf's headline tour is set to be a true celebration of heavy metal, showcasing the talents of three exceptional bands.

Anticipation for the New Album

Fans can look forward to Powerwolf's highly anticipated follow-up album to 'Call Of The Wild'.

Following the success of their 2021 album 'Call Of The Wild', Powerwolf is set to release a highly anticipated follow-up album in 2024. Fans can expect a collection of new songs that continue to showcase the band's unique sound and powerful storytelling.

The upcoming album will be a testament to Powerwolf's evolution as a band, pushing boundaries and exploring new musical territories while staying true to their heavy metal roots. With their distinct blend of melodic hooks, powerful vocals, and epic symphonic elements, Powerwolf is poised to deliver another masterpiece that will captivate fans around the world.

Stay tuned for more updates on Powerwolf's upcoming album and get ready to embark on a new musical journey with the band.

Powerwolf's Remarkable Success and Impact

Explore Powerwolf's journey as one of the most celebrated heavy metal bands of the last decade.

Since their formation in 2004, Powerwolf has achieved remarkable success and has become one of the most celebrated heavy metal bands of the last decade. With multiple No. 1 album chart entries, gold and platinum records, sold-out arenas, and headlining major festivals, Powerwolf has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Their captivating live performances have garnered them a dedicated fanbase and have solidified their reputation as an exceptional live act. Headlining renowned festivals like Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, Hellfest, Graspop Metal Meeting, and Masters Of Rock, Powerwolf has consistently delivered electrifying performances that leave audiences in awe.

With their unique blend of powerful vocals, infectious melodies, and epic storytelling, Powerwolf continues to push the boundaries of heavy metal and inspire a new generation of fans.

The Unforgettable Story of Powerwolf

Delve into the remarkable journey of Powerwolf, from their humble beginnings to their current status as heavy metal icons.

The story of Powerwolf is a true fairytale, showcasing their innovation, captivating live performances, and relentless pursuit of their musical vision. Since their formation in 2004, the band has achieved numerous milestones and received widespread acclaim.

From receiving gold and platinum awards to topping the charts with albums like 'Preachers Of The Night' and 'The Sacrament Of Sin', Powerwolf has consistently proven their prowess as musicians and storytellers. Their dedication to their craft and their ability to connect with audiences on a profound level have set them apart from other German metal bands.

Join us as we dive deeper into the remarkable journey of Powerwolf, from their early beginnings to their current status as heavy metal icons.

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