NewJeans' Performance at MMA 2023: A Mixed Reception

Discover the buzz surrounding NewJeans' performance at MMA 2023. From high anticipation to mixed reviews, find out why netizens had differing opinions about their stage presence and synchronization. Dive into the details of their performance and the response it garnered.

NewJeans' Highly Anticipated Performance

The excitement surrounding NewJeans' performance at MMA 2023

NewJeans' Performance at MMA 2023: A Mixed Reception - -525835182

As the date of MMA 2023 approached, fans of NewJeans couldn't contain their excitement. With the group's recent success at MAMA 2023, anticipation was at an all-time high. Fans eagerly awaited their performance, expecting nothing short of perfection.

But did NewJeans live up to the hype? Let's dive into the details of their highly anticipated performance at MMA 2023.

NewJeans' Setlist and Performance

The songs performed by NewJeans and their stage presence

NewJeans took the stage at MMA 2023 with a setlist that included songs from their album 'Get Up'. The group performed a remix version of 'New Jeans', 'Super Shy', 'Cool with You', 'ETA', 'ASAP', and 'Get Up' consecutively, captivating the audience for 12 minutes.

Despite their signature Y2K style and energetic dance moves, some netizens felt that the performance fell short of expectations. The choreography was described as messy and unimpressive, and the facial expressions of the members, particularly Minji and her friends, were deemed disappointing.

Mixed Feedback and Lip-sync Speculations

The negative feedback and speculations surrounding NewJeans' performance

Following their performance at MMA 2023, NewJeans faced a wave of negative feedback from netizens. Many pointed out that the performance appeared rushed and lacked synchronization. The audio was also criticized for not matching the members' singing, leading to speculations of lip-syncing.

In response, the organizers of MMA 2023 explained that there was a delay in the sound system at the shooting location, which affected the synchronization. However, this explanation did little to appease the disappointed netizens, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the performance.

The Impact of NewJeans' Performance

The reaction of fans and the overall impact of NewJeans' performance

Despite the mixed reviews, it's important to note that NewJeans still has a dedicated fanbase that continues to support them. Many fans defended the group, emphasizing their previous achievements and talent.

While the performance may not have met everyone's expectations, it sparked conversations and discussions among fans and netizens alike. The impact of NewJeans' performance at MMA 2023 cannot be denied, as it further solidified their presence in the music industry.

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