Jamala's Album 'Qirim' Ranks 6th on World Music Charts Europe

Jamala, the talented singer, has recently achieved a remarkable milestone with her album 'Qirim' ranking 6th on the prestigious World Music Charts Europe. This achievement places her among the top 10 albums of European artists, gaining international recognition for her captivating music. In addition to this success, Jamala's album has been embraced by listeners worldwide, being played on radio stations across various countries. This article explores the impact of 'Qirim' and provides insights into Jamala's upcoming releases, showcasing her continuous dedication to creating beautiful music that resonates with her audience.

Jamala's 'Qirim' Album: A Remarkable Achievement

Explore the success of Jamala's album 'Qirim' as it reaches the 6th position on the World Music Charts Europe.

Jamala's Album 'Qirim' Ranks 6th on World Music Charts Europe - -1423980771

Jamala's album 'Qirim' has achieved a significant milestone by securing the 6th position on the renowned World Music Charts Europe. This accomplishment not only highlights the exceptional talent of Jamala but also showcases the global appeal of her music.

'Qirim' stands out among over 250 albums submitted from various countries, solidifying Jamala's position among the top 10 albums by European artists. This recognition is a testament to the captivating melodies and powerful storytelling that Jamala brings to her music.

International Recognition and Radio Airplay

Discover the widespread appreciation for Jamala's 'Qirim' album with its radio airplay across multiple countries.

Jamala's music has transcended borders, with her album 'Qirim' being played on radio stations in numerous countries. Listeners in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Georgia, Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Jordan, Greece, Latin America, Germany, the United States, Canada, and Japan have all embraced the enchanting melodies of 'Qirim'.

This international recognition not only showcases the universal appeal of Jamala's music but also serves as a platform to raise awareness about Crimea and Ukraine. Through her music, Jamala hopes to inspire people to learn more about these regions and their rich cultural heritage.

Upcoming Releases and Exciting Projects

Get a glimpse into Jamala's future as she teases a new release and shares her plans for the holiday season.

Jamala has exciting projects in the pipeline, with a new release set to captivate audiences on January 19, 2024. While keeping the details under wraps, she promises a beautiful song/single that will undoubtedly resonate with her fans.

As the holiday season approaches, Jamala has plans to delight her audience with a beautiful carol. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to arrange the carol remotely and even made it to the filming of the Christmas program on '1+1'. Her dedication to her craft and her fans shines through as she overcomes obstacles to deliver memorable performances.

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