Isidore String Quartet: Debut Performance of Billy Childs' 'Awakening'

Welcome to the exciting world of the Isidore String Quartet! Get ready to be captivated by their debut performance on the Arizona stage, where they will showcase the mesmerizing sounds of jazz pianist/composer Billy Childs' 'Awakening.' This concert is a true musical awakening, as it marks the first time the quartet performs in Arizona and the first time audiences will have the opportunity to hear Childs' powerful String Quartet No. 2. Join us on December 6th at the Leo Rich Theater for an unforgettable evening of music that will touch your soul.

The Isidore String Quartet: A Musical Journey Begins

Discover the origins of the Isidore String Quartet and their unique musical journey.

Isidore String Quartet: Debut Performance of Billy Childs' 'Awakening' - 1508213893

Let's embark on a musical journey with the Isidore String Quartet. This talented quartet, consisting of violist Devin Moore, violinists Adrian Steele and Phoenix Avalon, and cellist Joshua McClendon, first came together at the 2018 Aspen Music Festival. Since then, they have been captivating audiences worldwide with their exceptional performances.

The Isidore String Quartet has already achieved an impressive milestone, with their upcoming concert at the Leo Rich Theater marking their 80th performance this year. Their dedication and passion for music shine through in every note they play.

Join us as we delve into the origins of this extraordinary quartet and explore their musical journey that has led them to the Arizona stage.

Billy Childs' 'Awakening': A Masterpiece Unveiled

Experience the powerful and deeply personal composition by Billy Childs that will be performed by the Isidore String Quartet.

Get ready to be moved by the breathtaking composition of Billy Childs' 'Awakening.' This extraordinary piece was originally written in 2012 for the Grammy-winning Ying Quartet and reflects on Childs' personal experience when his wife faced a life-threatening situation.

The Isidore String Quartet has developed a deep connection with 'Awakening' and has performed it to great acclaim around the world. Audiences in Germany, the U.S., and Canada have been captivated by the quartet's interpretation of this emotionally charged composition.

Join us as we dive into the heart of 'Awakening' and discover the profound impact it has on both the performers and the listeners.

Haydn and Beethoven: Awakening Through the Ages

Explore the works of Haydn and Beethoven that also explore the theme of 'awakening.'

Haydn's String Quartet in C major and Beethoven's A minor Quartet No. 15 are both masterpieces that delve into the concept of 'awakening' in their own unique ways.

Haydn's String Quartet in C major:

Considered a pioneering work in the genre, Haydn's composition takes listeners on a journey of discovery and innovation. It sets the stage for the awakening of new possibilities in the world of music.

Beethoven's A minor Quartet No. 15:

This composition by Beethoven is a testament to his gratitude for surviving a near-fatal illness. It expresses his profound appreciation for life and the universe, creating a powerful sense of awakening and renewal.

Join us as we explore these timeless compositions and unravel the threads of awakening that run through them.

Isidore String Quartet: Spreading Musical Awakening

Learn about the Isidore String Quartet's mission to uplift underrepresented composers and musicians.

The Isidore String Quartet is not only dedicated to delivering exceptional performances but also to making a positive impact in the world of music. During the pandemic, violist Devin Moore and a colleague founded a nonprofit organization focused on uplifting underrepresented composers and musicians.

Through their small concert series and grant funding, they had the opportunity to feature five composers, including the renowned Billy Childs. Moore's personal connection with Childs' music led to a deep appreciation for his compositions.

Join us as we delve into the Isidore String Quartet's mission to bring diverse voices to the forefront and create a platform for underrepresented talents to shine.

Isidore String Quartet: A Bright Future

Discover the quartet's future plans and their commitment to sharing the music of Billy Childs.

The Isidore String Quartet's journey is far from over. With their upcoming performance at the Leo Rich Theater, they are set to make their mark on the Arizona music scene. But that's just the beginning.

The quartet has plans to include Billy Childs' String Quartet No. 3 'Unrequited' in their future programs, ensuring that his powerful compositions continue to resonate with audiences. They may even venture into recording Childs' works, bringing his music to a wider audience.

Join us as we look ahead to the bright future of the Isidore String Quartet and their unwavering commitment to sharing the transformative power of music.

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