Arnold Arre: A Multi-Disciplinary Artist with a Passion for Comics and Animation

Join me as we delve into the fascinating world of Arnold Arre, a multi-disciplinary artist who has made a name for himself in the realms of comics, writing, and animation. From his early passion for drawing and writing comics to his recent exploration of animation, Arnold's creative journey is a testament to his dedication and talent. In this article, we'll explore his love for Philippine mythology, his unique storytelling style, and his foray into the world of animation. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible work of this visionary artist.

Early Influences: Growing up in a Household of Art and Engineering

Explore Arnold Arre's upbringing in a household that fostered both technical skills and artistic expression. Discover how his family's diverse interests influenced his journey as a multi-disciplinary artist.

Arnold Arre: A Multi-Disciplinary Artist with a Passion for Comics and Animation - -1063031798

Arnold Arre's childhood was shaped by the unique blend of art and engineering in his household. With a father who was a Mechanical Engineer and a mother who was a Literature Professor, he was exposed to both technical skills and the world of arts from an early age.

While his older brother initially showed talent in drawing, Arnold eventually became the visual artist in the family. His passion for drawing and writing comics developed at a young age, inspired by the movies he watched and the comics he read.

Despite the limited availability of local komiks during his childhood, Arnold's desire to promote and uplift Filipino culture through his stories remained strong. Today, he is grateful for the increased accessibility of locally made comics for the younger generation.

From Comics to Animation: A Natural Progression

Discover how Arnold Arre's interest in filmmaking led him to explore the world of animation. Learn about his unique approach to bringing his drawings to life and the seamless transition from comics to animation.

Arnold's foray into animation began when he developed an interest in filmmaking. As he learned to use editing software, he had a breakthrough idea - to make his drawings move and create animated movies.

With his background in visual storytelling through comics, Arnold found it natural to adapt his skills to the animation medium. He realized that he could bring his drawings to life without the need for traditional filming, simply by making small adjustments for each frame.

This seamless transition from comics to animation allowed Arnold to explore a new dimension of storytelling while staying true to his unique style. His animations became an extension of his comics, captivating audiences with their visual appeal and engaging narratives.

Philippine Mythology: A Rich Source of Inspiration

Delve into Arnold Arre's fascination with Philippine mythology and its influence on his creative works. Learn how he combines mythical creatures with modern settings to create captivating stories that celebrate Filipino culture.

Arnold's deep fascination with Philippine mythology dates back to his childhood. It all began when he encountered a sculpture of a creature he had never seen before, later identified as a 'Tikbalang'.

His exploration of Philippine mythology intensified during his college years when he discovered books by F. Landa Jocano and Maximo Ramos. These books opened his eyes to a world of magical traditional folk tales, inspiring him to create stories that celebrate Filipino culture.

In his graphic novels, such as 'The Mythology Class' and its sequel 'The Children of Bathala', Arnold weaves together mythical forest-dwelling creatures and modern urban settings. This juxtaposition of fantasy and technology showcases the harmony between the two worlds and highlights the rich tapestry of Philippine mythology.

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