Zach Bryan to Headline First-ever Australian Performance in December

Get ready for a country music extravaganza as Zach Bryan, the chart-topping American superstar, gears up for his first-ever performance in Australia. Set against the picturesque backdrop of St Kilda's Catani Gardens, this highly anticipated concert promises to be an evening of electrifying live music and unmissable entertainment. Join us as we explore Zach Bryan's meteoric rise in the music industry and delve into the incredible impact of country music's newfound popularity in Australia.

Zach Bryan: From Rising Star to International Sensation

A closer look at Zach Bryan's journey from an up-and-coming artist to a global sensation.

Zach Bryan has taken the country music industry by storm, with his rise to fame nothing short of extraordinary. From his debut album American Heartbreak, which debuted at number five on the Billboard 200, to his self-titled album reaching number one and accumulating over one billion Spotify streams, Bryan has proven his talents and captivated audiences worldwide.

This phenomenal success extended to the charts in Australia as well, with his hit song Something In The Orange setting a new record on the ARIA Top 50 Singles Chart. Spending an unprecedented 46 weeks on the charts, it surpassed songs by renowned artists such as Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs. The impact of Bryan's music has transcended boundaries, bringing the magic of country music to audiences far and wide.

Country Music's Resurgence: A Phenomenon on the Global Stage

Exploring the revitalization of country music and its widespread popularity around the world.

In recent years, country music has experienced a remarkable resurgence, gaining international recognition and capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Talented artists like Zach Bryan, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, and Kacey Musgraves have played an instrumental role in this phenomenon, with their chart-topping hits dominating the airwaves.

Moving Beyond Boundaries

Gone are the days when country music was categorised as a niche genre. With its unique storytelling and infectious melodies, country music has transcended boundaries, captivating diverse audiences and finding a special place on the global stage. From Australia to North America, fans are embracing the rich tapestry of country music and experiencing the magic it brings.

Australia's Love Affair with Country Music: A Steadfast Connection

Witnessing the growing popularity of country music in Australia and its impact on the local music scene.

Australia's love affair with country music continues to flourish, with a growing fan base and a vibrant local music scene. Artists like Zach Bryan, Luke Combs, and Morgan Wallen have garnered immense popularity Down Under, selling out shows and dominating the charts.

A Country-Music Frenzy

The surge in popularity of country music in Australia is exemplified by the incredible demand for tickets to Luke Combs' national tour, which sold a staggering 90,000 tickets within hours. The increasing streaming numbers of country artists on platforms like Spotify also highlight Australia's dedication to the genre. What started as a genre embraced by a dedicated fan base has now become a melting pot of musical genres, further enriching Australia's music landscape.

Always Live: Australia Set to Host Incredible Musical Festival

Highlighting the Victorian government's role in organizing the Always Live festival and bringing diverse music genres to Melbourne.

The Victorian government's Always Live program is set to celebrate the best of live music, bringing internationally acclaimed artists like Christina Aguilera, Eric Prydz, Jai Paul, and now, Zach Bryan, to Melbourne. The lively festival spanning 17 days will create an electrifying atmosphere in the city, showcasing a range of musical genres including country.

Bridging the Musical Divide

The inclusion of country music in the lineup is a testament to the genre's tremendous growth and its ability to traverse genres and captivate diverse audiences. This festival serves as a platform for country music to step into the mainstream, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary music. Music lovers are invited to immerse themselves in this musical extravaganza, embarking on a journey through the tapestry of artistic expressions that define our world.


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