Warner Records Launches New Label underscore works recordings

Warner Records has recently unveiled their latest venture, underscore works recordings, in partnership with country music startup underscore works. This new label aims to discover and nurture emerging talent within the country music genre. Already making waves in the industry, underscore works recordings has signed two promising country music artists, Dipper and Wesko. Let's dive into the details of this exciting collaboration and explore the growing popularity of country music in recent years.

Underscore works recordings: A New Venture in Country Music

Explore the launch of underscore works recordings and their mission to discover and develop fresh talent in the country music scene.

Warner Records has recently partnered with country music startup underscore works to launch a new label called underscore works recordings. This exciting collaboration aims to uncover and nurture emerging talent within the country music genre.

With a focus on discovering fresh voices and developing their careers, underscore works recordings is set to make a significant impact in the country music industry. Let's delve into the details of this new venture and the artists they have already signed.

Introducing Dipper: A Rising Star from TikTok

Learn about Dipper, an up-and-coming country music artist who gained popularity on TikTok and recently signed with underscore works recordings.

Dipper, one of the talented artists signed by underscore works recordings, has made a name for himself through his captivating covers and original songs on TikTok. His unique style and soulful voice have resonated with audiences, leading to a growing fan base.

His debut EP, 'Evergreen,' showcases his musical prowess and includes his first single, 'She's Got Wings.' Dipper's journey from TikTok sensation to a signed artist demonstrates the power of social media platforms in discovering and promoting new talent in the music industry.

Wesko: A Local Sensation with a Bright Future

Discover Wesko, a North Carolina native who has built a local following in the country music scene and recently signed with underscore works recordings.

Wesko, hailing from North Carolina, has been making waves in his home state's music scene. While juggling a full-time job and attending university, he has managed to captivate audiences with his heartfelt performances and relatable lyrics.

His talent and dedication have caught the attention of underscore works recordings, leading to a promising partnership. Wesko's story is a testament to the perseverance and passion of aspiring artists who work tirelessly to pursue their dreams.

The Power of Partnerships: Warner Records and underscore works

Explore the successful collaboration between Warner Records and underscore works in supporting country music artists and building lasting careers.

Warner Records and underscore works have previously joined forces to support country artist Warren Zeiders, known for his hit song 'Pretty Little Poison.' This partnership aims to continue nurturing special artists and providing them with the resources they need to thrive in the industry.

underscore works, founded by industry veteran Charly Salvatore, strives to blend traditional music models with the influence of platforms like TikTok. Their unique approach to artist management and development has already yielded successful collaborations with artists like Priscilla Block, Dalton Dover, and Logan Mize.

The partnership between Warner Records and underscore works is a testament to the growing popularity of country music and the need to adapt to the evolving music landscape.

The Rise of Country Music: A Social Media Phenomenon

Discover the increasing popularity of country music, fueled by exposure on social media platforms and record-breaking streaming numbers.

Country music has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to its exposure on social media platforms. In 2023, the genre witnessed its largest on-demand audio streaming week in history, highlighting the growing interest in country music among listeners.

Furthermore, 2023 marked a significant milestone as four country music songs reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, a feat not achieved since 1975. This achievement demonstrates the genre's ability to captivate a wide audience and solidify its place in popular music culture.

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