Unveiling the Winners: Ngaio Marsh Awards for Crime Writing

Step into the gripping world of crime writing as we unveil the winners of the highly anticipated 2023 Ngaio Marsh awards. From murder trials to mysterious disappearances, these talented authors have crafted captivating stories that kept readers on the edge of their seats. Join us as we explore the best book of nonfiction, best first novel, and best novel, showcasing the remarkable talent that makes crime writing a genre like no other.

Thrilling Triumphs at the Ngaio Marsh Awards

Discover the suspenseful winners of the 2023 Ngaio Marsh awards for crime writing.

Unveiling the Winners: Ngaio Marsh Awards for Crime Writing - -1874801674

The 2023 Ngaio Marsh awards for crime writing showcased the exceptional talent in the genre, honoring the best authors in various categories. Let's delve into the thrilling triumphs of this prestigious event and explore the captivating stories that captivated readers.

Best Book of Nonfiction: Missing Persons

Uncover the captivating collection of true crime stories that earned the title of Best Book of Nonfiction at the Ngaio Marsh awards.

Missing Persons: 12 Tales of Death and Disappearance emerged as the winner in the Best Book of Nonfiction category at the 2023 Ngaio Marsh awards. This compelling collection of true crime stories delves into murder trials and mysterious vanishings, leaving readers gripped from start to finish.

Best First Novel: Better the Blood

Explore the debut novel that captivated readers and secured the Best First Novel award at the Ngaio Marsh awards.

Better the Blood, written by Michael Bennett, claimed the Best First Novel award at the 2023 Ngaio Marsh awards. This ambitious and gripping tale follows a Māori detective on the hunt for a serial killer motivated by utu. With its compelling narrative and unique perspective, Better the Blood has already made a significant impact in the literary world.

Best Novel: Remember Me

Dive into the award-winning novel Remember Me, a powerful exploration of memory and disappearance.

Charity Norman's Remember Me claimed the coveted title of Best Novel at the Ngaio Marsh awards. This poignant and thought-provoking book delves into the story of Emily Kirkland and her father Felix, as they navigate the mysteries surrounding a young woman's disappearance in their community. Norman's evocative writing and compelling characters make Remember Me a must-read for crime fiction enthusiasts.

The Enthralling Awards Ceremony

Step into the atmospheric awards ceremony at Tūranga and experience the excitement of the Ngaio Marsh awards.

The Ngaio Marsh awards ceremony took place at the beautiful Tūranga, the Christchurch Public Library. The event was filled with anticipation and celebration as the winners were announced. The atmospheric venue added to the excitement, creating a memorable experience for all attendees.

The awards ceremony showcased the incredible talent within the crime writing genre and highlighted the importance of recognizing outstanding contributions to the field. The Ngaio Marsh awards continue to be a significant event in the literary calendar, honoring the legacy of Marsh and her impact on crime fiction.

A Vibrant City and Progressive Transport Options

Discover the vibrant city of Christchurch and its progressive transport options that enhance the overall experience.

Christchurch, with its modern and freshly painted appearance, provided the perfect backdrop for the Ngaio Marsh awards. The city's vibrant atmosphere and progressive transport options added to the overall enjoyment of the event.

From the teal bus fleet to the Neuron e-scooters and the iconic tram, Christchurch offers a range of convenient and eco-friendly ways to explore the city. These transport options contribute to the city's charm and make it a joy to navigate.

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