Unlocking the Rhythm: Orange and Spotify Partner to Bring Free Music to Mobile Users

In an exciting collaboration, Orange Middle East & Africa has joined forces with Spotify to offer mobile users in Congo, Madagascar, Mali, and soon Guinea a groundbreaking music experience. By providing complimentary data bonuses, Orange is breaking down barriers and granting millions of users access to Spotify's extensive music library. Let's delve into this partnership and explore how it is revolutionizing the way people enjoy music on their mobile devices.

Orange and Spotify: A Harmonious Partnership

Discover how Orange Middle East & Africa and Spotify are joining forces to revolutionize the music experience for mobile users.

Orange Middle East & Africa has recently partnered with Spotify, the world's leading music streaming platform, to offer an exciting music experience to mobile users in Congo, Madagascar, Mali, and soon Guinea. This collaboration aims to provide millions of users with free access to Spotify's vast music catalog, enhancing their mobile entertainment.

By offering complimentary data bonuses, Orange is breaking down barriers and making it easier for users to enjoy their favorite tunes without worrying about data costs. This partnership marks a significant step towards digital inclusion and showcases Orange's commitment to providing all-in-one entertainment services.

Unleashing the Power of Music

Explore how this partnership is empowering users to discover and enjoy a diverse range of music.

With Spotify's vast music library, users can explore over 82 million tracks from both African and international artists. This means that users can create personalized playlists, discover new genres, and enjoy a rich musical experience tailored to their preferences.

Orange customers now have the opportunity to delve into the vibrant African music scene, promoting local talents and introducing them to a wider audience. The power of music to connect people and cultures is now at their fingertips.

Breaking Barriers with Data Bonuses

Learn how Orange is addressing the challenge of data costs and making music streaming more accessible.

Data costs have often been a hindrance for those who want to stream music on their mobile devices. Orange Middle East & Africa is actively working to overcome this challenge by offering data bonuses to access Spotify's service.

By providing complimentary data, Orange is enabling millions of users to enjoy uninterrupted music streaming, opening up a world of entertainment possibilities. This initiative is a testament to Orange's commitment to digital inclusion and making music accessible to all.

Spotify and Orange: A Gateway to African Talent

Discover how this partnership is promoting African artists and fostering a deeper connection to the continent's musical culture.

Music is a central part of African culture, and this partnership between Orange and Spotify aims to showcase and promote local talent. With millions of Orange mobile users across Africa, Spotify can now introduce African artists to a larger audience, providing them with a platform to share their music and stories.

Orange's commitment to supporting local talent and enriching the musical experience across the African landscape is evident through this collaboration. It's a win-win situation, where users get to explore diverse music, and African artists gain more recognition and exposure.

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