Unleashing the Night Owls: The Dollyrots' Energetic Journey

Get ready to rock as The Dollyrots, led by the talented duo of Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas, take the stage with their high-energy punk tracks and introspective ballads. Their latest album Night Owls showcases their ability to captivate audiences with a diverse range of music. Join them on their upcoming tour with Bowling For Soup and Lit as they bring their infectious energy to cities across the country.

The Dollyrots: A Dynamic Duo

Learn about the talented duo behind The Dollyrots and their unique musical journey.

Meet Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas, the driving force behind The Dollyrots. With their combined talents in bass, vocals, and guitar, they create a powerful musical experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Having honed their skills over the years, Ogden and Cabezas have developed a signature sound that blends high-energy punk tracks with introspective ballads. Their ability to craft music that speaks to the heart is what sets them apart from the crowd.

Join us as we delve into the musical journey of this dynamic duo and discover the inspiration behind their latest album, Night Owls.

Night Owls: A Captivating Album

Explore the captivating tracks of The Dollyrots' latest album, Night Owls, and the unique flair each song brings.

Night Owls, the latest album by The Dollyrots, is a testament to their growth as musicians and songwriters. Each track on the album showcases their ability to create music that resonates deeply with listeners.

From the high-energy punk anthems to the introspective ballads, Night Owls takes listeners on a journey through a range of emotions. The Dollyrots' unique flair is evident in every song, with subtle tweaks and shifts that keep the listening experience fresh from start to finish.

Get ready to be captivated by the infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics of Night Owls as The Dollyrots share their musical prowess with the world.

Reuniting with Bowling For Soup and Lit

Discover the excitement of The Dollyrots as they embark on a tour with Bowling For Soup and Lit.

For The Dollyrots, going on tour with Bowling For Soup again feels like a family reunion. Having spent a significant amount of time touring with them in the past, they have learned valuable lessons about being a good band both on and off the stage.

Having previously toured the UK with Bowling For Soup and Lit, The Dollyrots are thrilled to join forces once again for a tour that promises to be filled with fun and unforgettable moments. The chemistry between the bands is undeniable, and the energy they bring to the stage is infectious.

Join us as we anticipate the excitement of The Dollyrots' upcoming tour with Bowling For Soup and Lit, and get ready to experience a night of incredible music and unforgettable performances.

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