Uncovering the Goosebump-Inducing Sound of Sincopat: A Journey into the World of Dance Music Maverick AFFKT

Delve into the captivating world of Sincopat, curated by dance music maverick AFFKT. Join us on a journey to uncover the groundbreaking and goosebump-inducing sound of this distinguished imprint. From the evolving genre-blurring releases to the rich history of the label, we explore the artistic vision that sets it apart and invites listeners to embark on a mesmerizing sonic experience.

The Birth of a Musical Powerhouse

Explore the origins and journey of Sincopat, the innovative label founded by AFFKT

Born out of the captivating Valencia club scene, Sincopat emerged as a label in 2010 under the visionary founder AFFKT. Let's delve into the rich history of the label, including its roots in Barraca Music and the drive of AFFKT to create something truly distinct.

The Sonic Spectrum

Discover the eclectic nature and versatility of Sincopat's genre-blurring releases

Sincopat shines with its unique ability to defy categorization, seamlessly intertwining elements of indie dance, house, techno, and electronica. Diving into the label's extensive catalog, we witness the phenomenal range of artists and releases, each pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration and delivering music that captivates both in the club and beyond.

Embracing Artistic Freedom

Unveil AFFKT's commitment to artistic expression and individuality within Sincopat

Within the infectious beats and mesmerizing melodies lies Sincopat's commitment to provide a platform for artists to follow their creative instincts and cultivate their unique expressions. Through interviews and first-hand insights, we uncover how AFFKT nurtures diversity and encourages up-and-coming talents to push their creative boundaries, resulting in a discography that stands out among the crowd.

Captivating Cover Artistry

Explore the fascinating collaboration with graphic designer Junya Matsuyama and the visual aesthetics of Sincopat

Junya Matsuyama's striking visual designs have become synonymous with Sincopat, seamlessly capturing the vibrant, energetic, and diverse nature of the label's music. Taking inspiration from these radiant visuals, we uncover the transformative power of album covers and how they enhance the overall listening experience, making Sincopat a feast for the eyes as well as the ears.

Fuel for the Eternal Flame

Witness AFFKT's relentless passion and futuristic vision shaping Sincopat's future

With nearly 15 years on the horizon, AFFKT's vision for the future remains rooted in everlasting passion and a constant strive for creativity. Delve into an exclusive interview with the pioneering artist as he unveils his aspirations, sonic inspirations, and thoughts on what lies ahead for Sincopat, promising a catalog of timeless music that continues to captivate hearts and inspire the dance music landscape.


Sincopat, curated by AFFKT, has carved a unique space in the dance music landscape, defying genres and embracing artistic diversity. With its groundbreaking and goosebump-inducing sound, the label captivates listeners and propels them on a sonic journey like no other. From its origins rooted in the vibrant Valencia club scene to its commitment to freedom of expression, Sincopat continues to push boundaries and discover new frontiers in electronic music.

As we delve into the rich history, sonic spectrum, artistic vision, and captivating aesthetics of Sincopat, one thing becomes clear: this pathbreaking imprint offers a wealth of immersive experiences, where Music is the universal language that transcends barriers and connects us all. With a promising future ahead, Sincopat invites music lovers to explore its extraordinary releases and celebrate the creative artistry in the ever-evolving dance music universe.


What makes Sincopat stand out from other music labels?

Sincopat has the unique ability to blend genres seamlessly, embracing an eclectic and diverse range of sounds. This sets the label apart, creating a dynamic catalog that delivers an unmatched and captivating listening experience.

What role does AFFKT play in shaping Sincopat's identity?

AFFKT is not only the founder of Sincopat but also a driving force behind its artistic vision. With a commitment to artistic expression and individuality, AFFKT nurtures and encourages artists to explore their creative boundaries, shaping Sincopat's identity as a hub for innovative and boundary-pushing electronic music.

Are the visuals of Sincopat as important as the music?

Absolutely! The collaboration with graphic designer Junya Matsuyama has elevated Sincopat's aesthetic vision to new heights. The striking and captivating album covers enhance the complete sensory experience, offering listeners a visual journey that complements and enriches the music.

What can we expect from Sincopat in the future?

Sincopat holds an unwavering passion for timeless music and is constantly striving to deliver exceptional experiences. As it approaches its 15th anniversary, Sincopat will continue to push boundaries, introduce fresh and exciting talent, and expand its sonic palette. The future looks bright for this pioneering label, promising more groundbreaking releases that evoke goosebumps and immerse us in the sounds of tomorrow.

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