Tyla Seethal Makes Waves with Chart-Topping Hit 'Water'

Tyla Seethal is making a splash in the music industry with her latest hit 'Water'. In just a few days, her official video has garnered millions of plays, propelling her to the top of the charts. With predictions of debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 and securing her first UK Top 10 hit, Tyla's career is on a meteoric rise. Join us as we delve into her recent achievements and promising future in the music industry.

Tyla Seethal: A Rising Star

Discover the journey of Tyla Seethal and her rise to stardom.

Tyla Seethal has quickly made a name for herself in the music industry. With her latest hit 'Water' gaining millions of plays, she is on the path to becoming a chart-topping sensation. From her humble beginnings to her recent achievements, let's explore the journey of this rising star.

Breaking Records with 'Water'

Learn about the success of Tyla Seethal's hit song 'Water' and its impact on the charts.

Tyla Seethal's song 'Water' has taken the music world by storm. With millions of plays across various platforms, it is no surprise that the song is predicted to debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Additionally, it has already secured the top spot on the UK official Afrobeats Chart, making it Tyla's first UK Top 10 hit.

Her success with 'Water' is a testament to her talent and the support of her fans. The song's catchy beats and infectious lyrics have resonated with listeners, propelling Tyla to new heights in her career.

Joining Spotify's RADAR Programme

Explore Tyla Seethal's journey as she joins Spotify's RADAR programme and the opportunities it brings.

Tyla Seethal's talent and hard work have caught the attention of Spotify, leading to her inclusion in the RADAR programme. This prestigious opportunity has opened doors for her, including billboards and an upcoming documentary.

Being part of the RADAR programme has been a game-changer for Tyla. It has provided her with a platform to showcase her music and connect with a wider audience. The support from Spotify has been invaluable, and Tyla is excited to see how far she can go with this partnership.

Collaborating with Tricky Stewart and Kooldrink

Discover Tyla Seethal's experience working with renowned producers Tricky Stewart and Kooldrink.

Tyla Seethal had the incredible opportunity to work with Tricky Stewart and Kooldrink, two highly acclaimed producers in the music industry. Despite her initial disbelief, Tyla found herself collaborating with these talented individuals who have worked with the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé.

Working with Tricky Stewart and Kooldrink was a dream come true for Tyla. Their passion for music and welcoming nature made the experience even more memorable. Tyla is grateful for the opportunity and the valuable lessons she learned from these industry veterans.

Exciting Future Ahead

Get a glimpse of what's to come for Tyla Seethal and her promising future in the music industry.

Tyla Seethal's career is on an upward trajectory, and there is no stopping her. With her recent achievements and the support of her fans, she is set to conquer new milestones in the music industry.

As Tyla celebrates the success of 'Water' and her growing popularity, she promises her fans that there is more to come. With her talent, determination, and the opportunities that lie ahead, Tyla Seethal is destined for a bright future in the music industry.


Tyla Seethal's rise to stardom is undeniable. With her hit song 'Water' making waves on the charts and her inclusion in Spotify's RADAR programme, she is poised for a successful career in the music industry. Collaborating with renowned producers and breaking records, Tyla's talent and hard work have paid off. As she looks towards the future, there is no doubt that Tyla Seethal will continue to captivate audiences with her music.


What is Tyla Seethal's most popular song?

Tyla Seethal's most popular song is 'Water', which has gained millions of plays and topped the charts.

Has Tyla Seethal collaborated with any famous producers?

Yes, Tyla Seethal has had the opportunity to work with renowned producers Tricky Stewart and Kooldrink, who have worked with artists like Rihanna and Beyoncé.

What can we expect from Tyla Seethal in the future?

Tyla Seethal's future in the music industry looks promising. With her talent, determination, and growing popularity, she is set to achieve even greater success and conquer new milestones.

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