Top Albums of 2023: Leroy, JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown, Parannoul

As the end of 2023 approaches, it's time to celebrate the standout albums of the year. Leroy's 'Grave Robbing', a sample-heavy dance project, showcases the evolution of Jane Remover's musical style. 'SCARING THE HOES' by JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown brings together two experimental hip-hop powerhouses for an enjoyable and carefree listening experience. Parannoul's 'After the Night (Live)' captures the mastery of noise, melody, and emotion in a live setting. Let's dive into these exceptional albums that have left a lasting impact on the music landscape.

Grave Robbing by leroy

Discover the evolution of Jane Remover's musical style in the album 'Grave Robbing' by leroy.

Jane Remover, known for her indie-hyperpop sound, takes a different direction with her side project leroy. 'Grave Robbing' showcases a more focused and cohesive approach, with sample-heavy dance tracks that highlight Remover's expertise in crafting addictive beats. Despite its departure from her previous projects, 'Grave Robbing' still retains the classic leroy sound that fans love.

One standout track from the album is 'Jack'd My Swag (& Those DAMN PRICES)', which seamlessly combines pop song samples from artists like Jenna Rose and Björk. The album as a whole is a testament to Remover's meticulous attention to detail and her ability to breathe new life into forgotten samples.


Explore the collaboration between JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown in the captivating album 'SCARING THE HOES'.

'SCARING THE HOES' brings together two influential figures in experimental hip-hop, JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown. The album showcases their mastery of production and their ability to create an enjoyable and carefree listening experience. While the project exudes a fun and lighthearted nature, it doesn't shy away from delivering hard-hitting tracks that leave a lasting impact.

One track that stands out is 'Burfict!', where Brown playfully compares himself to former President Trump. The album's carefree nature is complemented by JPEGMAFIA's gritty beats and the duo's seamless chemistry. 'SCARING THE HOES' is a testament to their talent and creativity in pushing the boundaries of hip-hop.

After the Night (Live) by Parannoul

Immerse yourself in the live album 'After the Night (Live)' by Parannoul, showcasing the mastery of noise, melody, and emotion.

Parannoul, the face of modern shoegaze, delivers a captivating live album with 'After the Night (Live)'. The collection primarily features previously released songs, but in a live setting, they take on a whole new level of intensity. Parannoul's raw and gripping performances, combined with expert instrumentation and expressive drum work, create a mesmerizing experience for listeners.

The album's standout track, 'Into the Endless Night – Live', takes listeners on a journey through Parannoul's artistry. From lighter, synth-driven sections to explosive walls of distortion, the song encapsulates the range and depth of Parannoul's sound. 'After the Night (Live)' is a testament to Parannoul's talent and his ability to create a truly immersive sonic experience.

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