Thelma Plum's Powerful New Single: 'We Don't Talk About It'

Thelma Plum, an influential artist in Australia, has released a captivating new single titled 'We Don't Talk About It.' In this powerful song, Thelma delves into the culture of silence surrounding abusive relationships, urging us all to break the cycle. With her ethereal vocals and deeply personal lyrics, Thelma Plum's music resonates with audiences, especially Indigenous women who understand the pain behind her words.

Thelma Plum's Captivating Power

Discover the mesmerizing vocal prowess of Thelma Plum and how she captivates listeners with her deeply personal experiences.

Thelma Plum possesses a unique ability to touch the depths of our souls with her mesmerizing vocals. Whether it's the raw emotion in her voice or the way she shares her personal experiences, Thelma's power as a singer is undeniable.

As an artist hailing from Gamilaraay/Kamilaroi country, Thelma's music resonates with Indigenous people, particularly women who have endured similar pain. Her vocals have the power to evoke goosebumps and leave a lasting impact on anyone who listens.

Unveiling the Culture of Silence

Explore Thelma Plum's latest single 'We Don't Talk About It' and how it sheds light on the prevalent culture of silence surrounding abusive relationships in Australia.

'We Don't Talk About It' is a poignant exploration of Thelma Plum's past relationship, which mirrors the all-too-familiar signs of emotional abuse. Through her lyrics, she questions the silence that often shrouds these experiences.

Thelma's powerful chorus reminds us that the pain she endured is not isolated; it extends to other women as well. By addressing this culture of silence head-on, she urges us all to confront and dismantle it.

Thelma Plum: Fearless Advocate

Discover Thelma Plum's fearless advocacy as she fearlessly addresses topics like racism, sexism, and abusive relationships through her music.

Thelma Plum has never shied away from tackling important social issues in her music. Her award-winning debut album, 'Better In Blak,' serves as a platform for her fearless advocacy.

From calling out the toxicity of Australian men in 'Woke Blokes' to highlighting the impact of white beauty standards in 'Homecoming Queen,' Thelma fearlessly uses her voice to shed light on these pressing issues.

Thelma Plum's Rise to Prominence

Learn about Thelma Plum's rise to prominence in the Australian music scene and the recognition she has garnered for her exceptional talent.

Thelma Plum's musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Her debut album, 'Better In Blak,' earned her critical acclaim, including an ARIA award and Album of the Year at the Queensland Music Awards.

Her EP 'Meanjin' further solidified her position as a rising star, winning Album of the Year at the National Indigenous Music Awards. Over the years, Thelma has carved out her rightful place among the greats in Australian music.

'We Don't Talk About It': A Stellar New Era

Delve into Thelma Plum's latest single 'We Don't Talk About It' and anticipate the beginning of a new era in her music career.

'We Don't Talk About It' marks the start of a new chapter in Thelma Plum's musical journey. Premiered on Zane Lowe's Apple Music 1 show, the single showcases her growth as an artist and sets the stage for a stellar year ahead.

With its powerful message and beautiful accompanying music video, 'We Don't Talk About It' is a testament to Thelma's ability to create impactful and thought-provoking music.

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