Thelma Plum Releases New Single 'We Don't Talk About It'

Thelma Plum, the talented Gomeroi musician, has recently unveiled her highly anticipated new single titled 'We Don't Talk About It.' This emotionally charged song marks Plum's first release since her acclaimed EP 'Meanjin' and showcases her unique ability to tackle important topics through her music. Join us as we explore the profound lyrics and melodic chorus that make 'We Don't Talk About It' a must-listen for music enthusiasts.

Thelma Plum's Latest Release: 'We Don't Talk About It'

Discover the highly anticipated new single from Thelma Plum and delve into the emotions and themes behind the song.

Thelma Plum, the talented Gomeroi musician, has captivated audiences once again with her latest release, 'We Don't Talk About It.' This introspective and deeply personal song showcases Plum's ability to address important topics through her music. With its melodic chorus and poignant lyrics, 'We Don't Talk About It' invites listeners on a journey of self-reflection and emotional exploration.

Plum's unique writing style and expressive voice shine through in this track, as she continues her tradition of offering stark critiques on love, racism, and abusive relationships. The song serves as a reminder of the power of music to convey complex emotions and provoke thought.

The Impact of 'We Don't Talk About It'

Explore the significance of Thelma Plum's new single and its recognition in the music industry.

'We Don't Talk About It' has already garnered significant attention in the music industry. Plum's EP 'Meanjin' received critical acclaim, with the track 'Backseat of My Mind' being shortlisted for the APRA Song of the Year at the 2023 APRA Awards. Additionally, Plum won the Album of the Year award at the National Indigenous Music Awards.

With the release of 'We Don't Talk About It,' Plum continues to solidify her position as a rising star in the music scene. The song's deeply personal nature and thought-provoking lyrics resonate with audiences, further establishing Plum as an artist who fearlessly tackles important social issues through her music.

The Creative Process Behind the Song

Gain insights into Thelma Plum's creative process and the inspiration behind 'We Don't Talk About It'.

For Thelma Plum, 'We Don't Talk About It' is a deeply personal song that reflects her own experiences and emotions. Plum draws inspiration from her Gomeroi heritage and combines it with her unique musical style to create a captivating and thought-provoking track.

The songwriting process involved Plum reflecting on her own journey and exploring themes of love, racism, and abusive relationships. Plum's expressive voice and poetic background shine through in the lyrics, creating a powerful and evocative piece of music.

The Music Video and Visual Storytelling

Discover the captivating visuals of the 'We Don't Talk About It' music video and the storytelling behind it.

The official music video for 'We Don't Talk About It' adds another layer to the emotional depth of the song. Directed by Sarah Dattani Tucker and filmed in East-London, the video visually represents the themes explored in the lyrics.

Through powerful imagery and symbolism, the music video enhances the storytelling and offers a visual narrative that complements Plum's evocative vocals. The combination of music and visuals creates a captivating and immersive experience for the audience.

Thelma Plum's Future Performances

Stay updated on Thelma Plum's upcoming live performances and where you can catch her in action.

Thelma Plum has a busy live schedule ahead, showcasing her talent to audiences around the country. She will be supporting Coldplay at Perth's Optus Stadium on November 18th and 19th, offering a mesmerizing opening act for the renowned band.

In addition, Plum will be performing at Great Southern Nights on November 24th, treating fans to an unforgettable live experience. For those in Tasmania, don't miss her at The Forth Pub 151 Festival on December 9th. And to kick off the new year, Plum will be performing in Tamworth on January 23rd.

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