The City Paper Music Awards: Celebrating the Best of Holy City Talent

In the exciting realm of music, Holy City delivers a fantastic array of talents that demand recognition. Choose your favorites and cast your vote in the final round of the City Paper Music Awards. Join us as we celebrate the outstanding artists who have captivated our hearts and ears. Read on to learn more about this year's nominations and how you can support these talented musicians on their journey to success.

The Final Voting Round is Now Open

Vote for your favorite musicians and bands in the final round of the City Paper Music Awards.

The anticipation is over! The final voting round for the City Paper Music Awards is now open, giving music enthusiasts like you the chance to support your favorite musicians and bands.

Head over to the voting website and cast your vote in various categories honoring Holy City's remarkable talent. Don't miss the opportunity to play a role in recognizing the artists who have left an indelible imprint on the music scene.

Whether it's the reggae rhythms that make your spirit soar or the heartfelt ballads that speak to your soul, take your time to consider the nominations and make your voices heard. Show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication these talented individuals pour into their craft.

Exploring the Music Categories

Discover the diverse music genres celebrated in the City Paper Music Awards.

The City Paper Music Awards highlight a wide range of musical genres represented by local Holy City talent. From the dark and melodic tunes of Screamo/Metal to the groovy sounds of Reggae, every category exemplifies the diverse music landscape.

Here are a few standout categories:

  • Up-And-Coming Music Act of the Year - Celebrating emerging talent and fresh sounds that have caught our attention.
  • Jazz Artist of the Year - Showcasing the smooth, soulful melodies that captivate jazz enthusiasts.
  • Indie/Alternative/Rock Band of the Year - Recognizing the artistes who push the boundaries of traditional genres with their unique and alternative sounds.
  • Soul/R&B Act of the Year - Paying tribute to the captivating beats and heartfelt lyrics of these soulful singers and musicians.

Explore these and other categories to ensure your favorite performers receive the recognition they deserve.

The Importance of Voting and Support

Your vote can make a significant impact in highlighting Holy City's musical talent.

As a music enthusiast, you hold the power to shape the landscape of the music industry by casting your vote for the City Paper Music Awards. Voting not only allows dedicated artists to shine but also promotes the vibrant music scene of Holy City on a larger platform.

To fully support your favorite musicians, spread the word across your social networks. Share the voting link and invite friends, family, and fellow music lovers to participate. Together, we can rally behind these talented individuals and encourage them to continue their musical journey.

Remember, each vote counts and has the potential to boost an artist's morale and drive. So, let's join hands and celebrate the splendid music that emerges from our beloved Holy City!


The City Paper Music Awards not only provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talent but also allow music enthusiasts like you to play a crucial role in recognizing their dedication and hard work. By casting your vote and supporting your favorite artists, you contribute to the growth and vibrancy of Holy City’s music scene.

Spread the word, invite others to vote, and help these talented musicians reach greater heights. Together, let's continue to celebrate the remarkable musical talent that emerges from Holy City.

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