The Best Metal on Bandcamp: November 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of Best Metal on Bandcamp! In this month's selection, we explore a diverse range of metal genres, including occult-tinged classic metal, brutal technical death metal, and dark, furious grindcore. Join me as we dive into the captivating sounds of Green Lung, Suffocation, Closet Witch, and more. Get ready to headbang and discover some incredible music!

Green Lung - This Heathen Land

Explore the evolution of London's Green Lung and their unique blend of psychedelic doom and '70s hard rock. Discover the standout tracks and the band's commitment to their lyrical themes.

The Best Metal on Bandcamp: November 2023 - -22955382

Green Lung, originally an Electric Wizard–worshiping doom outfit, has evolved into something far more diverse and captivating. This Heathen Land showcases their fusion of psychedelic doom and '70s hard rock, with influences from Rainbow and Blue Öyster Cult. Vocalist Tom Templar's powerful baritone and the interplay between guitarist Scott Black and organist John Wright make this album a must-listen.

The standout tracks, 'The Forest Church' and 'Mountain Throne,' demonstrate Green Lung's elevated songwriting skills. With their unique sound and commitment to their 'wyrd Britain' lyrical themes, Green Lung is a band on the rise. Don't miss out on their journey to potential arena stardom.

Suffocation - Hymns from the Apocrypha

Discover how Suffocation continues to dominate the death metal scene with their latest album, despite the absence of their iconic frontman. Dive into the intense vocals and technical guitar work that define this record.

Suffocation, known for their brutal death metal sound, proves once again why they are a force to be reckoned with. Although the absence of frontman Frank Mullen may raise concerns, Ricky Myers seamlessly steps in with his paint-stripping vocals.

Hymns from the Apocrypha showcases the band's signature razor-gargling vocals and twisted, technical guitar riffs. The album's standout tracks, 'Descendants' and 'Embrace the Suffering,' highlight the reinvigorated energy of founding guitarist Terrance Hobbs. Suffocation remains undefeated and continues to push the boundaries of the genre.

Closet Witch - Chiaroscuro

Experience the blistering intensity of Closet Witch's grindcore sound. Dive into the dark and unsettling atmosphere created by their furious riffs and haunting vocals.

Closet Witch's Chiaroscuro is a relentless 18-minute onslaught of intense grindcore. The band's churning drums and furious riffs create a whirlwind of sound that captivates the listener.

Vocalist Mollie Piatetsky's presence adds an unsettling darkness to the album, with her clear-eyed but death-stalked delivery. The balance between chilling terror and the band's powerful playing makes Chiaroscuro a gripping listen. Brace yourself for the sheer intensity of Closet Witch's music.

High Spirits - Safe on the Other Side

Immerse yourself in the uplifting and positive vibes of High Spirits' AOR-inspired trad metal. Discover the infectious melodies and motivational lyrics that make this album a standout.

High Spirits, led by 'Professor' Chris Black, delivers a unique blend of AOR-inspired trad metal. Their relentlessly positive sound is filled with major key motifs and lyrics that inspire love, friendship, and personal growth.

Safe on the Other Side, their fifth album, continues to showcase their uplifting and infectious tunes. With elements reminiscent of Scorpions, Dokken, and other '80s metal bands, High Spirits' confidence in their sound shines through. Get ready to be motivated and uplifted by their anthemic choruses and powerful guitar harmonies.

Underdark - Managed Decline

Delve into the dark and heavy post-black metal sound of Underdark. Explore their exploration of UK politics and cultural decay, and the distinctively British spin they bring to the genre.

Underdark's Managed Decline takes listeners on a journey through a generations-spanning narrative. The Nottingham-based post-black metal band explores the impact of UK politics and policy on cultural decay since the '80s.

Vocalist Abi Vasquez's powerful delivery brings to life the grim tale of a fictional town in the Midlands. The album's darker and heavier sound, compared to their debut, reflects the band's growth and exploration. Managed Decline is a must-listen for fans of Deafheaven's post-Sunbather pivot, with a distinctively British twist.

Exulansis - Overtures of Uprising

Immerse yourself in the haunting sounds of Exulansis' doom-encrusted black metal. Discover the mesmerizing violin work and epic compositions that define this album.

Overtures of Uprising is a haunting album by Exulansis, showcasing their doom-encrusted black metal sound. The Pacific Northwest-based band masterfully combines guitars, drums, and shrieked vocals with the mesmerizing violin work of Andrea Morgan.

The album's four songs range from epic tracks like the title track and 'Dawning' to more surgical compositions like 'Of Nature & Hatred' and 'A Movement in Silence.' Exulansis' sound lands somewhere between Mizmor and Agalloch, with Morgan's violin adding a unique and emotional element to the music. Prepare to be captivated by their atmospheric and powerful soundscapes.

Left Cross - Upon Desecrated Altars

Experience the bellicosity of Left Cross' death metal sound. Dive into the thunderous drums, molten solos, and reverb-soaked vocals that define this album.

Left Cross, hailing from Richmond, delivers a powerful dose of death metal with their album Upon Desecrated Altars. The band's marching, martial quality is reminiscent of death metal legends like Bolt Thrower and Dismember.

Drummer Scott Bartley sets the tone with his pummeling and precise playing, while the full-bodied mix by Arthur Rizk ensures every snare and kick hits with thunderous violence. Left Cross' molten solos and reverb-soaked vocals add to the bellicosity of the album. Prepare for an assault on your senses.

Satan's Fall - Destination Destruction

Embark on a journey of classic metal with Satan's Fall. Discover their hard-rocking sound and anthemic choruses that pay homage to the '80s metal era.

Despite their name, Satan's Fall delivers a classic metal sound that pays homage to bands like Judas Priest, Accept, and early Helloween. Their second album, Destination Destruction, is a swaggering display of '80s glory.

The album is filled with anthemic choruses, shredding solos, and powerful guitar harmonies. While the shorter, three-minute tracks like 'Garden of Fire,' 'Afterglow,' and 'Kill the Machine' are likely to become long-term favorites, the entire album is a testament to Satan's Fall's ability to capture the essence of '80s metal. Get ready to rock out and embrace the nostalgia.

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