Spiritbox: Grammy Nomination and Collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion

Victoria metal band Spiritbox has recently made headlines with their Grammy nomination and their surprising collaboration with hip-hop superstar Megan Thee Stallion. This article delves into the details of their achievements and explores the unexpected fusion of heavy metal and hip hop. Join us as we uncover the excitement surrounding Spiritbox's journey to the Grammy Awards and their groundbreaking musical collaboration.

Grammy Nomination: Spiritbox's Remarkable Achievement

Explore the exciting news of Spiritbox's Grammy nomination and their recognition in the metal music scene.

Spiritbox, the Victoria metal band formed by Courtney LaPlante and Michael Stringer, has recently achieved a significant milestone in their career. They have been nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Metal Performance category for their song 'Jaded'. This recognition is a testament to their talent and the impact they have made in the metal music scene.

The Grammy nomination is a dream come true for Spiritbox, as it solidifies their position as one of the leading metal bands of our time. Their unique sound and powerful performances have captivated audiences worldwide, and this nomination is a well-deserved acknowledgment of their hard work and dedication.

Unconventional Collaboration: Spiritbox and Megan Thee Stallion

Discover the unexpected collaboration between Spiritbox and hip-hop superstar Megan Thee Stallion.

In a surprising turn of events, Spiritbox joined forces with Megan Thee Stallion for a collaboration that defies genre boundaries. Their collaboration on the track 'Cobra' has garnered immense attention and praise from fans and music critics alike.

The combination of Spiritbox's heavy metal sound and Megan Thee Stallion's rap prowess creates a unique and captivating musical experience. The track showcases the versatility and creativity of both artists, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of music.

With their collaboration, Spiritbox and Megan Thee Stallion have proven that great music knows no boundaries. They have successfully merged two distinct genres, creating a powerful and memorable track that resonates with listeners from different musical backgrounds.


Spiritbox's Grammy nomination and collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion have undoubtedly made waves in the music industry. Their achievements showcase the power of breaking boundaries and embracing creativity in music.

Through their Grammy nomination, Spiritbox has solidified their position as a leading metal band, while their collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion has opened doors to new possibilities and expanded their fan base.

We can expect even greater things from Spiritbox in the future as they continue to push the boundaries of their genre and surprise us with their unique musical collaborations.

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