Shatta Wale Steals the Show at Guinness Ghana DJ Awards

The 11th edition of the Guinness Ghana DJ Awards was a night to remember, with music enthusiasts gathering at the Grand Arena for an enthralling experience. Shatta Wale's high-energy performance stole the show, while DJ Lord emerged as a big winner. Let's dive into the electrifying performances and notable winners of the event.

Shatta Wale's Electrifying Performance

Experience the high-energy performance of Shatta Wale at the 11th edition of the Guinness Ghana DJ Awards.

Shatta Wale Steals the Show at Guinness Ghana DJ Awards - 618364613

Shatta Wale, the 'On God' hitmaker, took the stage by storm with his electrifying performance at the Grand Arena. From his turntable antics to engaging his fans with high-tempo rhythms, he left the audience in awe.

With his expert DJ skills, Shatta Wale showcased his versatility by seamlessly transitioning from behind the main DJ console to the main stage. The crowd couldn't help but be captivated by his thrilling performance.

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DJ Lord: The Big Winner

Discover how DJ Lord secured the prestigious DJ of The Year and Best Southern Zone DJ awards at the Guinness Ghana DJ Awards.

DJ Lord emerged as a true champion at the 11th edition of the Guinness Ghana DJ Awards. Not only did he win the highly coveted DJ of The Year award, but he also claimed the title of Best Southern Zone DJ.

His exceptional talent and skill on the turntables set him apart from the competition. DJ Lord's ability to read the crowd and deliver electrifying mixes made him a deserving winner.

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Notable Winners and Captivating Performances

Get the highlights of the 11th edition of the Guinness Ghana DJ Awards, including notable winners and captivating performances.

The Grand Arena at the Accra International Conference Centre came alive with the vibrant atmosphere of the Guinness Ghana DJ Awards. The night was filled with back-to-back mixes from top Ghanaian Disc Jockeys, creating a mesmerizing experience for music enthusiasts.

Shatta Wale's show-stopping performance was just one of the many captivating moments of the night. Artists like Keche, Edem, Abiana, DSL, Dope Nation, and DJ Faculty from TV3 also delivered memorable performances that left the audience wanting more.

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