Sensorium Galaxy Presents Carl Cox's Debut Virtual Show: Intermundium

Sensorium is proud to announce the worldwide premiere of Carl Cox's debut virtual show, Intermundium, in the Sensorium Galaxy. Step into the extraordinary fusion of music, art, and technology and immerse yourself in an unparalleled virtual experience.

Unveiling the World Premiere: Intermundium

Explore this groundbreaking virtual show and witness the first-ever performance of Carl Cox in Sensorium Galaxy.

Sensorium is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated worldwide premiere of Carl Cox's debut virtual show in the Sensorium Galaxy. Titled Intermundium, this groundbreaking performance marks a significant milestone in the fusion of music, virtual reality, and cutting-edge technology.

Experience the magic of Carl Cox's musical genius as you step into the captivating Sensorium Galaxy—an evolving metaverse where diverse virtual worlds come to life. Get ready for an extraordinary journey that blurs the boundaries between the real and the digital, delivering an immersive, multisensory experience like no other.

Immerse yourself in a virtual world pulsating with excitement and energy as you witness Carl Cox unleash his creative power, crafting a mesmerizing audiovisual spectacle designed to transport you to another dimension. This world premiere promises to leave a lasting impression on music and technology enthusiasts alike.

Discovering the Legacy of Carl Cox

Delve into the influential career of Carl Cox, from his early roots in acid house and techno to becoming a renowned figure in the global dance music scene.

In the world of electronic music, Carl Cox's legacy shines brightly. As an enduring legend, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of acid house and techno. From pioneering cutting-edge techniques like three-deck wizardry to iconic releases that set techno benchmarks, Carl Cox's influence in the industry is unmatched.

Not only is he a master behind the decks, known for his iconic shows and residencies, but he is also a label owner, producer, and remixer, nurturing emerging talent and solidifying his position among the innovators in dance music.

Inspired by Carl Cox's immense contributions and unwavering talent, Sensorium Galaxy is honored to have him spearhead this groundbreaking venture, showcasing the limitless possibilities of combining music and revolutionary VR technology.

The Enchanting World of PRISM

Embark on an extraordinary virtual journey in PRISM, Sensorium Galaxy's hub dedicated to electronic music.

Welcome to PRISM, a mesmerizing virtual world within Sensorium Galaxy. As the epicenter of energetic flows, PRISM boasts extraordinary surroundings and an otherworldly ambiance. Explore this anomaly-filled domain where every sound frequency holds a unique power to transform space.

Immerse yourself in an environment where tech-house beats reign supreme, controlled by Carl Cox himself. Dance amidst erupting volcanic streams, navigate futuristic extraterrestrial concert modules, and become one with the pulsating energy of this unparalleled virtual landscape.

PRISM embodies the fusion of music, art, and technology, amplifying visual and emotional dimensions that simply cannot be replicated in the physical world. Prepare to be transported into a realm of mind-boggling audiovisual sensations created by the legendary Carl Cox, connecting dance music lovers from around the globe in an unending euphoric dance.

Carl Cox: Blurring the Lines Between Real and Virtual

Discover Carl Cox's perspectives on pushing boundaries and his experiences in exploring the realms of virtual reality.

Driven by a constant desire to push boundaries and share the love for music, Carl Cox finds himself on the forefront of the fusion between real and virtual realms. Witnessing his own digital avatar was a surreal moment for him—an affirmation of the incredible possibilities offered by virtual reality technology.

With the premier show of Intermundium, Carl Cox takes you on an unprecedented journey through uncharted digital territories and challenges the perception of reality itself. This immersive experience serves as a stepping stone, exploring the transfer of energies between artist and the virtual dance floor, transcending the boundaries that often constrain physical performances.

Join in this cutting-edge experiment and venture into a world where music and technology intertwine, bridging the gap between innovative entertainment and the wonders of advanced tech. Carl Cox invites passionate music enthusiasts from all walks of life to be a part of this daring collaboration, merging multiple dimensions and creating a truly inclusive virtual space.

Sensorium Galaxy: Shaping the Future of Entertainment

Learn more about Sensorium's vision and its commitment to accelerating the development and adoption of transformative technologies.

Sensorium prides itself on being at the forefront of immersive virtual experiences and cutting-edge technology. By shaping virtual worlds and striking a harmonious balance between art and technology, Sensorium Galaxy paves the way for a revolution in the entertainment industry.

With the Intermundium's world premiere and future shows in Sensorium Galaxy, the boundaries of what is possible in entertainment and music will be stretched. Sensorium aims to accelerate the integration of VR and XR formats into our daily lives, and this groundbreaking collaboration with Carl Cox serves as a testament to its mission.

By making the show freely accessible to passionate individuals around the world, Sensorium eliminates barriers and welcomes everyone to take part in this extraordinary celebration of music, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.


The worldwide premiere of Carl Cox's debut virtual show, Intermundium, in the Sensorium Galaxy marks a monumental step towards revolutionizing the intersection of music, art, and technology. This groundbreaking performance serves as a testament to the power of virtual reality in creating immersive and extraordinary experiences for music enthusiasts worldwide.

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