Samurai Breaks: A Fusion of Futuristic Sounds and Retro Aesthetics

In the ever-expanding landscape of drum & bass, it's rare to find an artist who breaks through to the masses with a unique and innovative style. Meet Samurai Breaks, a virtuoso of the 160 'FootworkJungle' scene, whose fusion of futuristic sounds and retro aesthetics has captivated contemporary audiences. With his groundbreaking beats and basslines, Samurai Breaks has sent seismic ripples throughout the realms of Jungle, Breakbeat, and Drum & Bass. Join us as we delve into his music, his rise to popularity, and his collective venture, Super Sonic Booty Bangers.

Introduction to Samurai Breaks

Discover the unique and innovative style of Samurai Breaks

Samurai Breaks: A Fusion of Futuristic Sounds and Retro Aesthetics - 1238577372

Samurai Breaks, also known as Sam Langley Grattan, is an artist who has managed to break through to the masses with his exceptional fusion of futuristic sounds and retro aesthetics. As a virtuoso of the 160 'FootworkJungle' scene, his groundbreaking beats and basslines have captivated audiences in the realms of Jungle, Breakbeat, and Drum & Bass.

Born in Scotland and raised in Yorkshire, Samurai Breaks has witnessed a meteoric rise in the post-pandemic era. His unique style and commitment to high-energy, fast-tempo breaks have cultivated a dedicated fan base of fervent junglists. With sold-out performances across the UK and Europe, including appearances at prestigious stages like Boomtown and Glastonbury, Samurai Breaks has become a formidable presence in the nu-jungle movement.

Journey into Music Production and DJing

Explore Samurai Breaks' introduction to music production and DJing

Samurai Breaks' journey into music production and DJing began with the influence of CreamT, a genre-blurring maestro who instilled in him a carefree and open-minded approach to music. He was also introduced to his first decks by Anders from Samson Sounds, and his unique approach to choppy drum patterns was sparked by Junglord.

Jungle music has always resonated deeply with Samurai Breaks, with its fast and unpredictable drum patterns and smooth, minimalistic vibes. He finds inspiration in creating tracks that have a unique sound and fully immerse the listener in the concept of the music.

Taking Production Seriously

Learn about Samurai Breaks' approach to music production

Samurai Breaks takes his production seriously and has found that starting with a unique sound, such as a vocal chop or stab, sets the tone for the track. He then builds the rest of the track around that vibe. His technique involves writing whatever he wants and then filtering out tracks that work well together conceptually and sonically.

As an avid Ableton user, Samurai Breaks finds it the easiest DAW to find a pure flow state where he can quickly throw down ideas. He emphasizes the importance of creating tracks that have an identity and fully immerse the listener in the concept of the music.

Super Sonic Booty Bangers: The Collective Venture

Discover the origin and essence of Super Sonic Booty Bangers

Super Sonic Booty Bangers originated as a way to define the genre of Samurai Breaks' music. It has since evolved into a label and events brand, organizing numerous events and festival stages. The collective focuses on high-tempo party music that's fun and distinct from the overplayed DnB prevalent in the UK fast rave culture.

With headliners like Mandidextrous, Sully, and Fixate, Super Sonic Booty Bangers offers a vibrant blend of rave, booty, jungle, bassline, acid, and grime, all moving at a thrilling 160 bpm and beyond. The collective has exciting releases lined up and plans for future festival partnerships and club events.

Unforgettable Gigs and Standout Performances

Explore Samurai Breaks' standout performances and memorable gigs

Festivals have always been a significant part of Samurai Breaks' career, with standout shows at Boomtown, Glastonbury, Balter, and Secret Garden Party. One of his favorite sets to date was a back-to-back performance with Fixate at Boomtown, where they performed in front of approximately 6,500 people. The energy and connection with the crowd made it an unforgettable experience.

Samurai Breaks also highlights the artists he's currently repping in his sets, including Mandidextrous, Napes, Eram, Novacheq, and more. These artists bring their unique styles and fearless approaches to music, inspiring Samurai Breaks in his own creative journey.

What's Next for Samurai Breaks

Discover Samurai Breaks' upcoming releases and future plans

Samurai Breaks has a busy release schedule ahead, with a follow-up Jungle Techno EP coming out on Pete Cannons N4 Records and a highly anticipated 3rd album for Off Me Nut Records. He's also collaborating with Napes on a long-awaited release on Time Is Now Records, which will be available on vinyl.

Super Sonic Booty Bangers has exciting releases lined up with Toby Ross, Bruk, D'tch, Rea, NovaCheq, Cheetah, and more. The collective has also been invited to do a takeover at Outlook Festival and has other festival partnerships and club events in the works.

Advice for Aspiring Producers and DJs

Get valuable advice from Samurai Breaks for breaking into the world of Jungle and Breakbeat music

Samurai Breaks advises aspiring producers and DJs to dive into other genres and explore vintage material for samples and inspiration. He emphasizes the importance of learning synthesis to add a unique flavor to your sound and becoming proficient in processing breaks for achieving a full and layered sound.

He also suggests avoiding endlessly relying on the same overused sample packs and encourages young producers and DJs to experiment and find their own identity in their music. By exploring different techniques and styles, they can break into the world of Jungle and Breakbeat music with their own unique sound.

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