PLS&TY Launches 'Proper Manners' Radio Show on Insomniac Radio

Florida-native producer PLS&TY has recently debuted his biweekly radio show, 'Proper Manners,' on Insomniac Radio. Join PLS&TY as he showcases his own music and shares his current favorites from the dance music genre. In this article, we'll explore the exciting collaboration between PLS&TY and Insomniac Radio, as well as the upcoming second episode featuring remixes of PLS&TY's hit track 'Party In My Head' with Lost Boy.

Introducing 'Proper Manners' Radio Show

Learn about PLS&TY's new biweekly radio show on Insomniac Radio

PLS&TY Launches 'Proper Manners' Radio Show on Insomniac Radio - 1017230185

Step into the world of PLS&TY as he takes the airwaves by storm with his brand new radio show, 'Proper Manners.' Broadcasting on Insomniac Radio, this biweekly show is a must-listen for all dance music enthusiasts.

With 'Proper Manners,' PLS&TY aims to share his unique sound and showcase his own music alongside his favorite tracks from the dance music genre. Get ready for a curated set of tunes that will keep you grooving.

Episode 2: 'Party In My Head' Remixes

Discover the exciting remixes of PLS&TY's hit track 'Party In My Head'

In the upcoming second episode of 'Proper Manners,' PLS&TY presents a special treat for his listeners. He will be featuring the new remixes of his recent hit track 'Party In My Head' with Lost Boy.

The remix pack includes interpretations from RSCL, Taiki Nulight, and Oliver Nelson. Each artist brings their unique style to the table, adding fresh perspectives to the already captivating track.

Join PLS&TY as he takes you on a musical journey, exploring the different flavors and vibes of these remixes. Get ready to dance and experience the magic of 'Party In My Head' like never before.

PLS&TY: A Rising Star in the Electronic Dance Music Scene

Learn more about PLS&TY's unique sound and achievements

PLS&TY, also known as Tommy Leas, has been making waves in the electronic dance music scene with his distinctive sound and captivating productions.

His music is characterized by languid basslines, captivating vocals, and upbeat melodies that instantly grab your attention. PLS&TY's tracks have amassed hundreds of millions of streams and have even charted on Billboard.

But PLS&TY's talent extends beyond his music. He has also been involved in various artistic endeavors, collaborating with Tony Hawk's charity initiative and creating stunning visuals for celebrity athletes and members of Congress.

With new music on the horizon and a commitment to embracing lighthearted catchphrases like 'mind your manners' and 'please and thank you,' PLS&TY is set to continue his rise in the music industry.

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