On Our Radar: DJs and Producers Making Waves in the Music Scene

Welcome to On Our Radar, where we highlight the DJs and producers who are making waves in the music scene. From BASHKKA's authentic NYC ballroom flavor to Levity's dubstep frenzy in Chicago, these artists are pushing boundaries and creating unique sounds that are captivating audiences worldwide. Join us as we dive into the latest releases and explore the talent that is shaping the future of dance music.

BASHKKA: Bringing Authenticity and Flavor to the Music Scene

Discover the unique artistry of BASHKKA, a DJ and producer who seamlessly blends politics, SWANA culture, and queer representation in her music.

BASHKKA, derived from the Turkish word for 'different,' is a DJ and producer who brings the authenticity and flavor of NYC's ballroom scene into her music. She uses her art as a vehicle to express her commitment to SWANA and queer representation in dance music and beyond.

Her EP 'Maktub' on UMAY has been making waves since its digital release in February, with the title track 'Act Bad' earning the title of Top Summer Hit from Germany's Groove Magazine. The vinyl edition of the EP features fresh remixes from talented friends including Roza Terenzi, Hyperaktivist, Sedef Adasi, and AKUA.

BASHKKA's bold writing style and technical prowess are showcased in her new Unholy Hour Remix of 'Dance Like We Are Lovers' by Michael Cignarale, released on Medusa, China's iconic queer party and record label.

LOODS: High-Octane DJ Sets and Chicago-Inspired House Productions

Get ready to groove with LOODS, a DJ and producer known for his high-energy sets and infectious house tracks.

LOODS is a regular on Steel City Dance Discs and has gained popularity with tracks like 'Walking Away' and 'Need U.' His debut single on Higher Ground, 'Freedom,' is a piano-laden track filled with euphoric bass and soaring vocals from Aussie singer and songwriter KLP.

His releases have earned him recognition from industry heavyweights like Annie Mac and Pete Tong, and he has performed at prestigious venues such as London's Southbank Centre. With 'Freedom,' LOODS is taking his production portfolio to the next level.

Mirin Doja: A Fusion of Mental Health and Forward-Thinking Electronic Music

Explore the unique soundscapes of Mirin Doja, a producer who combines her career as a mental health counselor with her passion for electronic music.

Mirin Doja's four-track EP 'Emotional Intelligence' is a reflection of her intense period studying to be a mental health counselor for the LGBTQIA+ community. The tracks, including 'Lips Next 2 Me' featuring Mars Kasei, combine footwork, liquid drum and bass, and atmospheric elements.

Using vocals sampled from iMessage voice memos, a lesbian sci-fi TV series, and arthouse cinema, Mirin Doja creates a collection of tracks that are best enjoyed post-rave. Her unique blend of influences sets her apart as one of Seattle's most respected jungle producers.

Levity: Tearing Dubstep Apart with Infectious Tracks

Experience the high-energy dubstep sound of Levity, an electronic trio hailing from Chicago.

Levity's track 'Flip It' on Deadbeats has taken the dubstep scene by storm, amassing over a million streams in less than a month. Their infectious style combines club music, bass, and a distinct Chicago flavor.

Following the success of 'Flip It,' Levity has joined electronic hip hop duo Big Gigantic on their US tour. With support from renowned producers and collaborations with tech giants, Levity's future looks bright.

Maya Q: A Journey of Home and Emotional Connections

Embark on a musical journey with Maya Q as she explores the concept of home through her unique blend of sounds and emotions.

Maya Q's six-track EP 'It's only Forever' on All My Thoughts is a reflection of her transition to the UK and the emotions that come with it. The EP features break-filled cuts and downtempo reflections, incorporating sounds that remind her of home in the US.

The title track 'It's Only Forever' captures a sense of nostalgia and anticipation, with a drum 'n' bass-leaning sound and captivating vocals. The EP also includes a stellar remix from Wisdom Teeth boss, K-Lone.

Douvelle19: Genre-Defying Music and Inclusive Events

Discover the unique blend of genres and inclusive events brought to you by Douvelle19, a DJ and producer based in Newport.

Douvelle19's new track 'Shook' featuring grime star Manga Saint Hilare is an unexpected blend of grime, afro-beat, and garage. This follows the genre-defying release of 'Green Light' in collaboration with R&B singer and producer Harve.

As the promoter and headliner of Cardiff's Locally Sauced club night, Douvelle19 aims to progress and diversify the sound of South Wales. His upcoming EP 'When I Dream' fuses pop, R&B, garage, grime, and electronic music.

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