Local Bands Bring Captivating Sounds to Upstate New York

In Upstate New York, as the vibrant summer concert season gives way to cozy indoor days, it's time to explore the captivating sounds of local bands. From the ominous synth-rock of Merci Van to the high-energy pop-punk of Millington, and the cathartic hardcore punk of SchenectavoidZ, the region boasts a rich collection of albums and EPs. Join me as we delve into these compelling releases that span genres and showcase the immense talent bred within our very own communities.

Merci Van: Blending Darkness and Light in ‘Irrational Anthems’

Discover the captivating synthesis of indie-rock melodies and dark themes showcased in Merci Van's EP 'Irrational Anthems'.

Merci Van, the Schenectady-based indie-rock band, strikes a delicate balance between darkness and light in their EP 'Irrational Anthems'. With mesmerizing synth-driven tracks like 'Demons' and contemplative violin-supported compositions like 'Memory', this relatively new band shows immense promise. Alicia Macier Van Scoy's sweet, yet sparkling vocals perfectly complement the enigmatic and introspective themes threaded throughout the entire album. Merci Van invites listeners into a mesmerizing journey of harmonious contrasts.

With a band lineup comprising Alicia Macier Van Scoy on vocals, Ed Cormac on drums, and Katlyn Celentano on synthesizers, Merci Van effortlessly captures emotions during internal strife and self-reflection, with tracks that embody soul-stirring experiences wrapped in an indie-rock soundscape.

Millington: Rejuvenating Pop-Punk Energy with 'Welcome Home'

Explore the high-energy pop-punk world of Millington as they make an emphatic return with their latest EP 'Welcome Home'.

Niskayuna's pop-punk band, Millington, bursts back onto the scene with their long-anticipated EP 'Welcome Home'. Composed with infectious energy, every single song on the album has been meticulously crafted to be considered as a potential hit. From the buoyant title track 'Welcome Home' to the anthem-like sing-along choruses in 'Solo', Millington showcases vitality and a flair for brass-based emo sounds.

Helmed by vocalist and bassist, Cody Okonski, and equipped with a refreshing new lineup, including the skillful attributes of guitarist Alex Maloy, drummer Nick Cavin, saxophonist Pat Faxton, trombonist Chris Paul, and trumpeter Nathaniel McKeever, Millington invites the audience to embrace the invigorating pop-punk revival.

SchenectavoidZ: A Thrashing Punk Delight with 'Wax Void'

Join Schenectady's hardcore punk band SchenectavoidZ for a lively, fast-paced sonic adventure with their album 'Wax Void'.

Schenectady presents thrashing punk enthusiasts with the undeniably energetic band SchenectavoidZ. Led by brothers Jared and Jason Krak, along with the powerhouse skills of drummer Kevin O'Sullivan, their album 'Wax Void' showers listeners with fast and aggressive punk anthems. Tracks such as 'Bullied', 'Skin of Your Teeth', and 'Steam Roller' pack a cathartic punch in under a minute, delivering floor-rattling sound waves straight to your core.

Escape into the rebellious and head-banging world crafted by SchenectavoidZ; their music craves a release for frustrations and sends them vibrating through your speakers, leaving an unforgettable, heartfelt impression.


Discovering the latest releases from talented local bands in Upstate New York is an exhilarating journey into a diverse musical landscape. Whether you're drawn to the haunting synth-rock sounds of Merci Van's 'Irrational Anthems', the high-octane pop-punk of Millington's 'Welcome Home', or the headbanging hardcore punk of SchenectavoidZ's 'Wax Void', there is something for everyone.

Supporting local talent not only allows for an appreciation of their unique artistry but also fosters a thriving music scene within our communities. So join me in celebrating the boundless creativity and captivating sounds of these passionate local bands.

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