Keys N Krates: Exploring the Evolution of their Sound

Toronto electronic music trio Keys N Krates has captivated audiences with their high energy house music. In this article, we dive into their creative process, influences, and the evolution of their style. From their early days as a hip-hop cover band to their latest album, IN:Tension, featuring Grammy-winning artist Ciara, Keys N Krates continue to push the boundaries of electronic music. Join us as we explore their musical journey and what lies ahead for this talented trio.

The Origins of Keys N Krates

Discover how Keys N Krates started as a hip-hop cover band and transitioned into a live electronic band.

Keys N Krates: Exploring the Evolution of their Sound - 257952561

Keys N Krates began their musical journey as a hip-hop cover band, showcasing their love for the genre and their ability to captivate audiences with their live performances. However, they soon realized their passion for electronic music and decided to transition into a live electronic band.

With their unique blend of hip-hop, EDM trap, and RnB influences, Keys N Krates created a distinct sound that set them apart from the crowd. Their ability to infuse soul, groove, and energy into their music became their signature style.

Exploring Keys N Krates' Musical Influences

Delve into the range of influences that have shaped Keys N Krates' sound, from hip hop to EDM trap to RnB.

Keys N Krates draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres, including hip hop, EDM trap, and RnB. Their love for hip hop is evident in their use of 808s and big bass, while their appreciation for RnB shines through in their focus on great melodies and memorable songs.

As they explore their take on House music in their latest album, IN:Tension, Keys N Krates brings a hip hop approach to the genre, reminiscent of the 90s house producers from New York. Their goal is to fuse the elements of great pop music and underground music, creating a sonic universe that is both catchy and soulful.

The Evolution of Keys N Krates' Style

Witness the evolution of Keys N Krates' style as they mature and find their place in the dance music scene.

Keys N Krates' style is ever-evolving, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new territories. They have matured in their sound and found a unique place in the dance music scene where they can seamlessly create both pop records and club records that coexist harmoniously.

Janet Jackson's iconic albums, particularly "Rhythm Nation" and "Control", have played a significant role in shaping Keys N Krates' vision. While not from a production standpoint, the energy and attitude exuded by Janet Jackson in her music have influenced Keys N Krates' desire to create bold, funky, and sassy tracks that break down barriers.

Keys N Krates' Journey to Success

Uncover the turning point in Keys N Krates' success and their impact within the music industry.

Keys N Krates experienced a turning point in their career around 2013 when they started releasing music. Songs like "Treat Me Right" and "Dum Dee Dum" gained traction and garnered a dedicated audience, propelling them to new heights.

While they may not actively think about the magnitude of their impact within the industry, Keys N Krates continue to focus on moving forward, improving their craft, and collaborating with artists they admire. Their relentless dedication to their music and their fans has been instrumental in their journey to success.

Keys N Krates' Future and Aspirations

Discover what lies ahead for Keys N Krates and what fans can expect from their future releases.

Keys N Krates' future is filled with exciting possibilities. They aim to continue pushing boundaries and expanding their sonic universe, creating dance and house music that is fun, soulful, and emotionally charged. Their goal is to explore all corners of their musical potential and deliver unforgettable experiences to their fans.

With a desire to perform in South America and Mexico, Keys N Krates have set their sights on reaching new audiences and spreading their infectious energy worldwide. They are constantly striving to improve their craft, make club records, and create pop records that resonate with listeners.

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