Keith Renshaw: A Musical Renewal and Positive Energy

Keith Renshaw, a talented musician from Fremantle, is embarking on an exciting new chapter in his musical career. With the release of his latest single, 'Good To Be Alive,' Renshaw brings a sense of renewal and positive energy to his listeners. Let's delve into his journey and explore the inspiration behind his music.

Discovering Clarity in Musical Renewal

Keith Renshaw's journey as a musician takes a new turn

Keith Renshaw: A Musical Renewal and Positive Energy - 1840773011

Keith Renshaw, a seasoned musician from Fremantle, has embarked on a new phase of his musical life. After years of playing in bands and writing songs, he has found a sense of clarity and purpose in his solo career as a singer-songwriter.

Previously, Renshaw released EPs and albums that didn't quite capture his vision. However, a transformative recording experience in Broome at Red Earth Sound in 2023 brought about a renewed creative consciousness. Working with session musicians in a different environment helped Renshaw discover his unique sound, resulting in a newfound satisfaction with his music.

With around 30 songs in his creative repertoire, Renshaw plans to release several new singles in 2024. The first of these, 'Good To Be Alive,' is a breezy and feel-good anthem that serves as an antidote to the challenges of modern life. It encourages listeners to find joy in the simple act of being alive, amidst the negativity often portrayed in mainstream media.

Inspiration from a Troubled World

Keith Renshaw's mission to spread positivity through music

'Good To Be Alive' was born out of Renshaw's observation of the negative and divisive state of the world. He wanted to create a song that would offer something positive to counteract the overwhelming negativity often portrayed in the media. The song aims to uplift listeners and evoke a sense of optimism, making them want to listen to it repeatedly.

Following the release of 'Good To Be Alive,' Renshaw plans to share another impactful song called 'Rabbit Hole.' This track encourages individuals to take chances and pursue positive changes in their lives, even if it means leaving behind unfulfilling jobs or embracing uncertainty. Renshaw believes that taking risks can lead to a life without regrets.

Crafting Music with a Message

Keith Renshaw's philosophy and upcoming projects

Renshaw's songwriting always carries a message and a philosophy, even in songs with a slightly negative tone. He aims to present a positive outcome or perspective, infusing his music with hope and inspiration.

In addition to releasing new music, Renshaw plans to perform at various venue gigs and festivals in 2024, connecting with his audience through live performances. He also has another track in the works called 'Timber Creek,' which explores the atmosphere of remote desert towns and the feeling of embracing idleness.

As Renshaw continues to evolve and mature as a person, he hopes that his music reflects this growth. He strives to become a more mature musician, sharing his positive energy and uplifting messages with his listeners.

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