Keith LaMar: Death Row Inmate's Execution Postponed Until 2027

In this article, we delve into the story of Keith LaMar, a death row inmate whose execution has been postponed until 2027. Explore his musical journey, his fight for innocence, and the growing support he has garnered.

Keith LaMar's Delayed Execution

Explore the story of Keith LaMar, a death row inmate whose execution has been postponed until 2027.

Keith LaMar, a death row inmate, was scheduled to be executed on Thursday, but his execution has been postponed until 2027. This delay comes as a result of laboratories refusing to provide the necessary chemicals for his lethal injection due to liability concerns.

In a phone call from Death Row, LaMar expressed a sense of relief that his death sentence has been delayed. He plans to use this additional time to put together a legal team and launch a campaign to bring his story to a wider audience.

The Journey Through Music

Discover how Keith LaMar has used music to share his story and plead his innocence.

During the delay in his execution, LaMar has released a song called 'The Journey,' which was composed with the help of a Spanish musician. This song serves as a platform for LaMar to publicize his story and generate support for his fight for innocence.

LaMar believes that music has the power to reach a wider audience and create public demand for justice. He has previously recorded an album titled 'Freedom First' with his own lyrics and music by Albert Marques, which has been performed in concert halls across Europe, South America, and the United States.

Questionable Conviction and Legal Battle

Learn about Keith LaMar's claims of a wrongful conviction and the ongoing legal battle to prove his innocence.

LaMar was found guilty by an all-white jury in 1995 for the deaths of five inmates and a guard during the Lucasville prison riot in 1993. However, he maintains his innocence and claims that he did not receive a fair trial.

Civil rights lawyer Keegan Stephan has joined LaMar's legal team and plans to appeal his conviction in Ohio courts. Stephan believes that there is reason to believe LaMar is innocent and that crucial evidence was not provided to the defense during the trial.

Support and Advocacy

Discover the growing support and advocacy for Keith LaMar's case.

Throughout his journey, LaMar has gained support from various individuals and organizations. Jazz musicians rallied behind him during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he received backing from the music community.

LaMar plans to continue fighting for his acquittal and hopes that the support he has garnered, along with the power of music, will help bring his case to a wider audience and generate more public demand for justice.

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