Joan Armatrading Unveils Symphony No. 1: A Journey into Classical Composition

Join us as we delve into the creative journey of Joan Armatrading, a pioneering singer-songwriter who is set to unveil her first classical composition, Symphony No. 1. In this article, we explore Armatrading's transition into the world of classical music, her unique approach to composition, and the upcoming premiere of her symphony. Get ready to be captivated by the harmonious blend of genres and the uplifting atmosphere that Armatrading's Symphony No. 1 promises to deliver.

Joan Armatrading: A Musical Journey

Explore the diverse musical journey of Joan Armatrading, from her early blues and rock influences to her foray into classical composition.

Joan Armatrading's musical career has been characterized by experimentation and a willingness to explore different genres. From her early days in blues and rock to her later ventures into pop, jazz, and folk, Armatrading has always pushed the boundaries of her artistry.

Her ability to play multiple instruments and write her own songs has allowed her to create a unique sound that defies categorization. Now, with Symphony No. 1, Armatrading embarks on a new chapter in her musical journey, venturing into the world of classical composition.

Symphony No. 1: A Creative Process

Delve into Joan Armatrading's creative process as she discusses the inspiration behind Symphony No. 1 and her approach to composing in the classical genre.

Armatrading's creative process involves observing and capturing the feelings of others. Her songwriting has always been largely observational, drawing inspiration from the world around her.

When it came to composing Symphony No. 1, Armatrading took a unique approach. Instead of sending a recording or score to conductor Chi-chi Nwanoku, she visited Nwanoku's home and they listened to a 30-minute electronic piano version of the symphony together. This personal interaction allowed Armatrading to convey her vision and emotions behind the composition.

Armatrading completed Symphony No. 1 in just five months, a testament to her dedication and passion for this new venture into classical composition.

The Premiere: A Night of Uplifting Music

Discover the details of the highly anticipated premiere of Joan Armatrading's Symphony No. 1, featuring the Chineke! Orchestra and conductor Andrew Grams.

The premiere of Symphony No. 1 will take place on November 24 at the Southbank Center in London. The Chineke! Orchestra, founded by Chi-chi Nwanoku, will have the honor of performing the piece.

Conducted by Andrew Grams, the premiere promises to be a night of uplifting music. Grams describes the symphony as creating a consistently positive atmosphere, reflecting Armatrading's intention to evoke emotions of joy and inspiration.

This premiere marks the beginning of Armatrading's classical composition journey, and she has expressed her plans to continue writing more in the future.


Joan Armatrading's Symphony No. 1 marks a significant milestone in her musical journey, showcasing her versatility as a composer. From her early blues and rock influences to her exploration of various genres, Armatrading has always pushed the boundaries of her artistry.

With Symphony No. 1, Armatrading delves into the world of classical composition, creating a harmonious blend of genres that captivates and uplifts the audience. The premiere of Symphony No. 1 promises to be a night of unforgettable music, as the Chineke! Orchestra brings Armatrading's vision to life under the baton of conductor Andrew Grams.

This debut in the classical genre is just the beginning of Armatrading's journey as a composer. Her unique creative process and dedication to capturing emotions through music set the stage for future compositions that will continue to captivate audiences.

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